Cheers to Dad; ‘Happy birthday’ to Mom

We all know things are about Dad today.

As well they should be. And while I do thank the man who helped me bring the greatest blessing of my life into being — this is just a really tough day for me. Totally can’t get over how much I miss my Pop.

Heaviest of SIGHS.

But today — well, technically, yesterday — is all about Mom, too. Not only is she the only still most impacted from missing our Dad (my sis Gina and bro Dan join in on the hurt, yo) but also, this weekend is one big, sentimental road trip for her. Luckily, there are some high points along the road — like the big surprise party we are at for her RIGHT NOW in honor of her 80th birthday yesterday, June 19.

Sure I can prattle on and on about her forever but today, I thought I’d let others do the oohing and aahing.

Family weighed in first:

Gina said: “What can I say? Only we understand the incredibly perfect Mom we have and we truly are the luckiest children anywhere.”

Dan is a man of few words and uttered these: “We lucked out — got the coolest Mom out of all of ’em.”

Her grandchildren Kelly, Scott, Annie and my Kyle convened to generate a collective sentiment: “Grami is the kindest, most thoughtful, most awesome grandmother on the planet. She’s done so much for us individually and together — and is always equally fair, giving us the most gentleness, humor, guidance, compassion, understanding, empathy, support and sheer LOVE we could have ever prayed to have. And as much ice cream (or whatever!) as we want — always.”

Cousin Rae gushed: “She is like a sister I never had. She is a good listener and when we talk, life always becomes lighter.”

Other cousin Mimi smiled: “Arleen is and always has been the sweetest, kindest and most loving and compassionate person I know. I loved her when I first met her over 50 years ago; she’s a constant source of comfort and joy.”

Mom’s niece Mary Lou offered: “She has a lot of patience!”

My sista-from-anotha-mista Kim said: “Mom Marinucci is special to me for many reasons, mostly my beautiful sister-in-law! And her special gift of love is shared so beautifully with everyone she knows!” #AdoreYouKim

Bonus granddaughter (Kelly’s BFF) Marissa offered: “Arleen Scott Marinucci (aka Grandma) has always acted as another grandparent — she’s all at all my special events and IS MY FAMILY. She and Grandpa used to come watch me play college softball in Florida. That meant the absolute world to me!”

Some of my dearest pals offered their perspectives:

Oldest childhood friend Michelle, to whom I’ve been tied at the hip since age 5, said simply: “She was, is and always will be my other Mom.” Ditto her Mom to me.

Soul sister Christine told me: “She’s one of the most bright and compassionate people I’ve ever met. When she says she will pray for you — you know she is and God is listening. From the day I met her, she opened her heart to me like family and she is a warm, loving and wonderful soul.”

Lovely Linda declared: “When I first met Arleen, I felt like I knew her my entire life. She is so open, friendly, warm, caring and welcoming.”

As for me? Next to my boy, this is the human who is the greatest blessing of my life. Happy 80th and here’s to 80 more, Mama. I love you a bazillion gazillion!

— Contact Kimerer at www.patriciakimerer.com.


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