This old girl’s still learning, thanks to mom

My Sentiments Exactly

It’s Sunday.

At least, I think it is.

It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between the earthly axis rotations right now, am I right?

In fact, for those of us in NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania, it’s pretty much still the dead of winter.

Come on, already, Mother Nature; I’m freezing, yo. #WearingGlovesInside #RaynaudsIsReal

Sigh. No, but seriously. SIGH.

Anyway, near as I can tell, it is Mother’s Day.

Aw, my sweet, wonderful Ma. Me Mum. Mia Madre. Or, as I always greet her on our daily call, “Hi, Mama!”

Indeed it is a well-known fact that Arleen is one very special Mom. She is actually the greatest one ever. Period. Don’t challenge me on this; I’m cold and I’m cooped up and I’m cranky. And I adore my mother. Ergo, my mom is the best mom.

My bonus mom Pat is absolutely stinking terrific, too. Just sayin’. Don’t poke me there, either.

My deep, deep love for my mom goes beyond standard kid / mom bond sitch. Here’s the thing: She’s also my friend. I mean, I’d hang out with her even if she didn’t give me life, and two pretty awesome siblings.

We laugh and we cry and we chat and we pontificate and we laugh and we wonder and we speculate and we laugh and we wax philosophical, spiritual, political, and ethical and we laugh and we reminisce and we quote literature, prose and film and… did I mention we laugh?

Unfortunately, Mom and I haven’t had a lot to laugh about recently, though we keep on a-tryin’.

Ma lost the love of her life on what is usually the last day in February but, due to 2020 being a leap year — and frankly one of the worst freaking years of my life so far — was on the second to the last. Feb. 28, 2020. It’s a date now etched forever and painfully in our hearts.

Kerry and I have been married almost 25 years, together 26, and that seems like a long time to us. In quarantine years, it’s 749. JK, Ker.

But to spend roughly 60 years with someone and then be expected just to pick up and go about your daily life without him? Nah, that’s not what I’d call a picnic.

Top it off with a lockdown situation keeping you from your kids, grandkids and grand-puppies? Yeah, that ain’t right.

All I really want to give my mother on this special day is a hug but NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Thanks, COVID-19.

Man, the first half of this year is poopy.

Yet, there she is. My broken but beautiful, brave and beyond fabulous mother. Clinging tightly to her faith and her family, aka, her foundation. It is something to behold — and to emulate.

‘Cause, old as I am, I continue to learn how to be a better mom, a better wife, a better listener, a better sibling and a better human, all by the example set by you-know-who.

What can I say? Thank you isn’t enough. I love you doesn’t begin to capture it. But they’ll have to do for now.

And, as soon as I’m allowed, I’m going to give you the biggest squeeze that was ever squozen! Then we can get all nostalgic about Aunt Erla and split one of her famous garbage sandwiches. (Inside joke; hope it makes you laugh, Mama.)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and Pat — and all you wonderful Moms out there!

— Kimerer loves her Mom, her Pat and her pal Beth Ann, who just became a mommy. Visit Mama PK at www.patriciakimerer.com.


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