Scrumptious pandemic pancakes pack on pounds

My Sentiments Exactly

Memorial Day weekend 2020.


On one hand, I think the fact that we’re all supposed to continue stay home, social distance from one another and observe all the other safe health practices that will help us crush that crummy curve offers one distinct benefit to this year’s commemoration:

It gives us PLENTY of time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

All that down time can be used to acknowledge the tremendous, collective courage and honor displayed by the members of our Armed Forces, especially the ones we highlight today — those who gave all.

Because if not for the sacrifices of the few, we many would have so little. God bless every American soldier who gave his or her life for mine … and yours … and for our parents and children … and for … Well, you get it.

Let’s never lose focus of or appreciation for what Memorial Day really is. After all, we owe our lives, our liberties and even our leisure activities to them.

Speaking of which, yes, I realize Memorial Day weekend has long been associated with car, furniture, clothing and / or linen, etc., sales — not to mention the ritual of folks huddling around barbecue pits as they kick off the unofficial start of summer.

However, the traditional holiday parades, road races and big beach or house parties will not be happening this year. At least they shouldn’t.

READ: Do the right thing, people.

Either way, this year’s Memorial Day feasts and celebrations will be slightly muted. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I mean, assuming you can find all the meat you’re hoping to flame-broil, chargrill, roast or otherwise sear in some sense, it may be a good time to opt for the leaner cuts, capisce?

Because, according to a recent WebMD poll, of the 1,012 U.S. readers questioned, about 47 percent of women said they gained weight “due to COVID restrictions.” About 22 percent of men said they packed on a few, too.

Apparently, the findings were validated by surveys conducted by both the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic.

As for the WebMD census, people confessed, er, self-reported an average weight gain of about 8 pounds. Among U.S. readers who did the body-mass math:

• 15 percent said they gained 1 to 3 pounds;

• 34 percent said they gained 4 to 6 pounds;

• 26 percent said they gained 7 to 9 pounds;

• 21 percent said they gained 10 to 20 pounds.

Yikers. Maybe the “Quarantine 15” is real?

Aw, shoot, don’t beat yourself up too badly, ‘Murica. In a separate poll of 900 international WebMD readers, they also reported weight gain. Top global offenders include:

• Italy, 66 percent;

• Brazil, 60 percent;

• Japan, 51 percent;

• U.K., 46 percent.

In our defense, gyms and hike / bike trails, etc., have been closed for quite a while. Plus, working from home while becoming substitute teachers has taken time away from workout routines for a good many humans of late.

Personally, I feel the reason we all slid up the scale a smidge is simple, as in carbs.

Um, hello? How long can we be expected to resist the temptation of the 78 bazillion recipes for chocolate chunk banana bread flooding the air and Internet waves? I blame the Food Network, myself.

Stupid scrumptious pandemic pancakes.


Hang in there, Peeps. We’ll get those jeans back on … eventually.

— Kimerer thinks a pandemic pound a month is perfectly acceptable. Send her chocolate cheesecake crepe recipes to www.patriciakimerer.com.


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