It’s finally time to get back to reality … reality TV, that is

My Sentiments Exactly

I missed them.

I didn’t think I would, but I did. Well, I knew I’d miss Erika. She’s wicked cool, after all.

But the rest of them, I didn’t really plan on pining after.

Except the big B. Sure, I knew I’d be reeling from Bethenny withdrawals. She’s my favorite of all of them, BT dubs.

But she left on her own; the rest of them I dropped like a hot potato. I digress.

Oh, yeah. If I’m being absolutely honest, I expected to be sad that I couldn’t see LeeAnne, who is a close third after Bethenny and Erika. But her departure wasn’t my doing — and I’m pretty sure she didn’t have much say in it, either.

Poor, misunderstood (and dumped) LeeAnne.

Ah, and Sonja. Ya gotta love Sonja. I can’t forget about Ms. Morgan.

But Rinna, Teddy and even that table-flipping Teresa. Who knew?

I guess for those of you who don’t follow the Bravo TV channel, I should explain.


All of the aforementioned women are housewives. As in, “The Real” ones of, um, well Beverly Hills, New York, Dallas, then NYC and BH again, followed by New Jersey.

But here’s what — as Bravo co-founder and head guru Andy Cohen always says. I haven’t watched a single program on the network for nearly a month and a half. That’s right. I gave it up for Lent.

I’m not proud of it, but I pretty much love most things Bravo. Most. Some of it is just TOO ridiculous. And way too risque for this Catholic schoolgirl. Yikes!

I mean, first date skinny hot-tub dipping? Blech on “Blind Date”!

I suppose there are worse things I could do than Bravo binge. It’s a guilty pleasure that isn’t necessarily BAD, per se. It’s not like I hold these women up as societal pillars so much as I consider them soap opera stars. Hey, in the case of Lisa Rinna, she is, in fact, a “Days of Our Lives” alumna. Either way.

But since it’s a little something I like to watch but that isn’t particularly helpful, productive or communally useful in any way, I usually stop watching during the introspective time preceding Easter.

I wasn’t sure I should ring the gals back up after last Sunday, but I was flipping through channels when a “Real Housewives of New York” marathon nabbed me.

And just when I thought I was out … Well, you know the “The Godfather” quote. If you don’t, you should, capisce? Either way.

The ladies — and I’m using that term quite loosely — were more than a welcome site this year. They were, oddly enough, comforting.

Because they’re a welcome distraction from constant COVID-19 coverage. More than that, they are, at least in some small faction, an escape to normalcy.

Not in terms that anyone actually lives like they do in most of the country … or world. But in terms of the show taking me away from the depressing press and providing entertainment that requires zero brain power. They put the snort back in my laugh, a’ight?

My point is, even if it means watching reruns of some absurd reality show or becoming addicted to a series about a high school chemistry teacher-turned-maniacal-meth drug lord, whatever gets you through the lockdown is acceptable viewing, at least for the next few weeks or so.

Hang in there, friends. Grab your favorite snack, beverage and humans, and plop down in front of the wide screen. No judgment here. Besides, the housewives are waiting… And so is Jesse Pinkman, yo.

— Kimerer is a Bravo-holic trying to quit, but not that hard. Visit her at www.patriciakimerer.com.


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