Pausing to reflect on this Easter Sunday

It happened so distantly,

That injustice on Golgotha

But not an Easter goes by

When we don’t relieve the drama.

From the Sunday before

When the crowds raised palms

And sent up “Hurrahs!”

And praised high and long.

But as the week unfolded

He calmly went about

The work that He came for

Though He must have had doubts.

For He was half human

Just like you and me.

His Father’s from heaven yet

His Mom’s mortal, a mere teen, actually.

When her whole life got thrown

In the blink of an eye,

As an angel explained

She’d have a baby … and why.

So yes, mother and Son

Were aware of the plan

That would take her little boy

As a sacrifice for man.

A fate they both took

From the very word go

Yet they couldn’t have helped

To have felt so much woe.

Oh, the terror He endured

As all around him crumbled

And even his best friends

Weren’t there when he stumbled.

And bled and was tortured

And ridiculed and mocked

And spat on and disparaged

And even defrocked

By those people who less

Than a single week before

Had welcomed Him with open arms

And so very much more.

But all that had changed

By the fateful Last Supper

When one of his own

Would make sure that he’d suffer.

And writhe in pain He did

For two solid days.

When the smoke finally cleared,

Who was there in its wake?

His sweet mother Mary

And one good pal John

And Mary’s two sisters,

Just to help her be strong.

And another young woman

Who was sick when they met

But whom He saved from her demons

A gift she’d never forget.

Though she couldn’t repay him

She felt the least she could do

For the man she called “Teacher”

Was to see Him through

To His very last breath

And even beyond

For the day after He died

She was still simply drawn

To his burial site

And that’s where it happened

Mary Magdalene was first

To learn the truth of The Passion

The very first witness

To the Resurrection glory.

No, it wasn’t the end

But the beginning of the story.

And it continues to be told

As it will ever be,

Of how Christ came to earth

Just to set us all free.

As you don that new dress

And set the Easter table,

Don’t forget this all started

With a babe in a stable.

So please take a moment

To pause and reflect

And to give God the glory

And your love and respect.

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist wishing everyone a blessed Passover and happy Easter. Visit her daily blog at www.patriciakimerer.com


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