’Twas two days before Christmas and all through PK’s house …

‘Twas two days before Christmas

And all through my mind

Was a list of to-dos

Like a mountain to climb.

There I was in the kitchen

With Monnie at my feet

Me cooking like a fiend,

She awaiting fallen treats.

With Kyle swimming at practice

And Kerry leaving in his truck

I searched around for some help

But was plumb out of luck.

My wiry black hair

Was falling out by the clumps

As the stress of the season

Got me down in the dumps.

With anxiety rising

And my BP close behind

I started to feel

Like I was losing my mind.

The card guilt, the baking,

The prepping entrees for freezing.

Not to mention all my work duties

Really dampened my season.

And even though it’s this way

Every year at this time

For some reason, 2018

Has been unusually unkind.

At least in the terms

Of the pressure I feel

To get everything done;

This year has just been unreal.

And then a few days ago

For no reason at all

PK’s Christmas came early

In a way that just made me bawl.

But the tears were so happy

And with great appreciation

For some work family peeps

Who, with no exaggeration,

Went to super great lengths

And a whole lot of trouble

To make sure that I know

That my huge, blissful bubble

Of wanting to offer

To as many folks as I can reach

A daily dose of inspiration

With just a splash of preach.

But I had no idea

The impact I was making

On the hearts of the many

Who are daily partaking

In the Scripture-based message

From this one tiny voice

And it brought back perspective

I was facing a choice.

I could get all caught up

In the chaos and bedlam

Or I could calm myself down

And just think about Bethlehem.

And the very first Christmas

When the Lord sent his Son

To bring light to the world

And to save everyone.

So I wish for you all

The joy of Christ’s peace

And a reminder that

Love is the true holiday feast.

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who’s heart is in the right place even though her hair never is. Buon Natale!


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