Sigh-zing up the challenges of a new year


What a great word.

I mean, few others in the English language can, in one little syllable, convey so much depth of emotion and range of feelings.


It’s almost synonymous with Monday mornings or 5 p.m. meetings or dentist visits, no?

It sure as shootin’ captures the essence of:

A) The letdown you feel after the holiday season concludes and it’s back to the reality of your insane daily schedule;

B) The seasonal affective disorder that sets in for a boatload of us effective every Jan. 2;

C) The utter BLECH college moms encounter when forced to send their beloved bundles back to school after a glorious, extended Christmas break. #IDontWantToTalkAboutIt


It basically helps humans emote everything in the gamut from exasperation to frustration to sadness to dismay to misery to irritation to reacting to some dunderhead making some cosmically inept move in the big chess game of life, you dig?

Yet the real significance is the associated act, isn’t it? Think about it.

Typically when you sigh, what do you do? Take deep breaths in, followed by forceful, complete exhaling.

But the good news is, as long as you’re sighing, you’re still breathing, my friends.

And if you’re breathing there’s always hope for a sigh to become that other mono-syllabic s-word that explodes emotions right off the chart: smile.

Because smiles are the foundation of the kind of gumption, moxie and regular old stick-to-it-iveness that helps us stand right up to the blahs and say, “Not today, yo.”

Most of us are all about it. After all, it’s the stuff on which ‘Murica was built, you dig?

Nobody likes to give up — especially on a challenge we feel we can conquer, yes? YES.

But sometimes that victory only comes when we choose to walk away from a situation that is not improving, growing, helping or motivating us or those around us.

In other words, if you’ve given it your all and know in your heart there’s no more you can do to better a particular scenario, it’s time to reroute, as Google Maps would advise. Especially if a said sitch is causing pain or harm, to be sure.

Difficult as it may be in the moment, saying goodbye to a romantic relationship, a job, a housing arrangement, a carpool or even a shade of green in your wardrobe can sometimes be a change for the good. The worst reason to hang onto something is because it’s familiar and safe.

And there’s no time like a new year to shed what’s bad for you and embrace what isn’t. #LifeIsChange

Say a prayer, take a deep breath, steady yourself and face that foe head on because you are stronger, braver, more capable and competent than you realize.

Besides, the calendar is more than just a date counter. It’s a clean slate for a fresh new start. And every single day is a chance to do things better than we did them yesterday, so there.

Whatever your hurdles, we’ll get through ’em together in 2019 — one sigh at a time, capisce? Resolve to be brave.

#BeBold #TackleANewChallenge #YouGotThis #HappyNewYear

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who sighs A LOT. But smiles even more. Visit her daily blog for pointers on the latter www.patriciakimerer.com


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