Was R.E.M. right, as we know it, in ’87?

Maybe it’s because one of my favorite television programs, AMC’s spooky sci-fi drama “The Walking Dead,” returns from it’s LONG midseason break tonight. #TWD

Or maybe it’s because, within the first few episodes of its resumption, TWD will promptly kill off its main character, Rick Grimes. I’m so salty over this, as my niece Kelly always says.

I may have mentioned once or twice or eight bazillion times that, in the big scheme of Hollywood crushes, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick) is my mammoth — second only to my ultimate dreamboat, Robert Downey Jr.

(For the record, I’ve loved him WELL before he became Marvel’s super-cool, super-rich, super-smart superhero Iron Man. I’ve been mad for RDJ since the 1980s, when he was super messed up, dipping into some super illegal meds and regularly waking up super naked on the beach with a taco in each hand, just sayin’.)

Then again, maybe it’s because LeBron left the Cavs.


Or perhaps it’s because “Halloween 87” just came out and I am more than over hockey-masked murderer Michael Myers. Shouldn’t he be about 97 and leaning over a walker by now?

I hate to say it, but I am sick to death (pun intended) of his No. 1 obsession, former baby-sitter Laurie Strode.

Sadly, I absolutely love her portrayer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and cannot stand seeing her in this ridiculous, campy bloodfest YET again. Look, I dug you in the first one, tolerated the second. I even understood when you did the “Halloween” on the 20th anniversary for old times sake, OK?

I adored you in “True Lies,” “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Freaky Friday,” and I always bought Activia yogurt when you were their spokesperson.

Yet I implore you, please, please, please stop. By now, the scariest part of this unfortunately ongoing baby-sitter-slayer saga is that you actually keep agreeing to be a part of it, capsice?

The grim headlines. The weird weather. Heck, even FX’s “American Horror Story” has jumped on the rickety bandwagon with this season’s theme “Apocalypse.” #AHSIsTerrifying


Crud, with the way mankind seems to be treating one another and Mother Earth, in general, it does sort of beg the question of whether or not alternative rock band R.E.M. had it right with their 1987 mega-hit record.

I mean, is this really the end of the world as we know it?


Speaking of R.E.M., RDJ and the 1980s, that actually was around the same time my little Nonna (God rest her soul) warned us repeatedly that “God can take NO more from us; this is the end of the world!”

Of course, Nonna did say that from the time I can remember until the time she went home to the Big Guy at age 94. #StillMissYouNonna

In fact, I’m pretty sure many folks have thought this over the past several eras. I mean, in times of war, famine, depression, and plague, it had to cross a mind or two, no?

Heck, some people were convinced it was Armageddon when Elvis swung his hips in public, yo.

All I know is, my little Nonna sure was right about one thing she always preached: “Remember, God doesn’t need us. WE need God.”

I’m thinking we’ll be in the clear if we just start chatting Him up more often, you dig?

Besides, if RDJ can go from being less than zero to super hero, maybe not all is lost?

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who’s building an underground bunker, just in case. Check out her blog before it’s too late: www.patriciakimerer.com


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