No foolin’, celebrating Easter tops Thanksgiving

It’s really kind of weird how April Fool’s Day is falling on Easter this year, isn’t it? Then again, I suppose it’s no more odd than how Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday were the same day and date this year, as well. #WhatIsUp2018

Lots of folks wonder why, unlike Christmas, Easter is not a fixed date. The simple answer is the Roman Catholic Church always observes Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring equinox. Therefore, it is a movable date but always falls between March 22 and April 25.

Of course, every leap year it ends up on a Tuesday. #AprilFool

No, no, Easter is always on a Sunday, of course.

And whether it comes in late March or even on Tax Day, Easter is simply one of my favorite days of all time — and is this close to edging out Christmas as my favorite holiday. #AlmostButNotQuite

I’m not ready to give up Christmas as my No. 1, but I will concede that Easter runs a strong second and absolutely obliterates the next-closest fave, Thanksgiving. Why is the gap between Easter and Thanksgiving so much wider than the narrow margin between Christmas and Easter?

5. The food is better on Easter. Sure, you’re going to get turkey on Thanksgiving but on Easter, you’re also likely to get ham, lamb, lasagna, wedding soup, pizelles, Ricotta cheese cake, ciambella bread — oh, wait, I’m sorry; not everyone is Italian, eh?

OK, well still, the food is comparable though each feast is uniquely magnificent. However, the fact that there’s no gloopy, can-creased looking lump of cranberry mush on the table at Easter is the deal breaker, you dig? Go, Easter.

4. The sports are better on Easter. Unlike on Thanksgiving, when you have a choice between a lunchtime NFL game between Detroit and somebody, an afternoon NFL game between Dallas and somebody and an evening NFL game between two teams no one cares about but they watch anyway because it’s the only game on that night, Easter offers a veritable cornucopia of options for sports viewing.

Did you know that at least six key NBA matchups are taking place today? You can even find professional hockey on later. Oh yeah, there are also few bazillion MLB games on today, too. Easter wins.

3. TV viewing, in general, is better on Easter. Sure, Macy’s isn’t hosting some big ticker-tape parade today, but you CAN watch “Easter Parade” on Turner Classic Movies or some of the other perennial masterpieces that always surface during the Easter weekend, such as “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and my personal favorite, “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston as Moses.

Aw, who am I kidding, I will totally watch “The Walking Dead” tonight. #SadButTrue

Better TV; chalk one up for Easter.

2. You get gifts on Easter. Sure, it isn’t with the pomp, grandeur or bonafide sparkle as receiving presents under the Christmas tree, but you will get at least a little SOMETHING today. Probably chocolate and sitting in a basket filled with purple grass, but still, presents!

What do you get on Thanksgiving? A dried out wishbone. Hmpf. I’ll take the Peeps, thank you very much.

1. Jesus died and rose again to save the world, just sayin’.

Here’s wishing you all a very Blessed Passover and Happy Easter!

Kimerer is a Tribune Chronicle columnist who thinks Easter is da bomb diggity but sincerely apologizes to Thanksgiving, which she thinks is swell, as well. Check out her other random ramblings at