Mixing spoon speaks ‘Hope’ for Angelica’s mother Faith

Editor’s note: This is the second chapter of a 12-part continuing, fictional holiday tale that is running daily through Christmas. Parents are encouraged to read it aloud to their children.

On Saturday, Angelica spent all morning helping her mother bake, decorate and pack dozens and dozens of cookies and cupcakes.

“Angel, you should get out of here for the afternoon,” Faith said, surveying the stacks of boxes. “I can finish up these last few orders.”

“Are you sure?” Angelica asked, even as she inched toward the door. “There are still so many to decorate…”

Faith smiled and pointed at the door. “Go. Be a kid. Have fun.”

Angelica smiled. “Thanks, Mom. I’ve been wanting to head down to Hidden Gems. Is that OK?”

Faith nodded, already icing the remaining cookies. “That’s fine, honey. Be careful.”

“I will.” Angelica yanked on her coat, grabbed her little purse and practically skipped out the door. After the bakery, Hidden Gems was her favorite place to be. The flea market was huge, and she could spend hours wandering among the vendors, trying to find just the right special treasure.

But after hours of exploring, Angelica couldn’t find anything special — at least nothing she could afford with the whopping $8 she had.

Then she spotted a table she’d never seen before, one full of beautiful hand-painted mixing bowls, pottery and utensils.

“See anything you like?” the woman behind the table asked, and Angelica nodded.

Among the utensils sat a mixing spoon with a smooth wooden handle painted with bright pink flourishes. The shiny silver head of the spoon had a delicate angel etched into it, and above it was one word: Faith.

She had to have it.

“How much is this?” she asked, hopeful, yet doubtful, that she had enough for something so nice.

“Ah, this spoon.” The woman nodded at it. “This is very special. It is very old, and it has a very special power.”

Angelica raised her eyebrows. “A… power?”

“Yes. It helps its owner find something they need.”

“Like what?” Angelica asked, wide-eyed.


“Hope,” Angelica repeated. “Please, ma’am, I don’t know about it having any power, but see here…” She pointed at the angel. “Faith — that’s my mom’s name. Who happens to own and run a bakery. She’s having a hard year and I know she’d really love this, but I only have $8.”

“Hmm, I see. You do not believe.”

“Believe what?”

“That this spoon is special.”

“I think it would be special to my mother. That’s all I know.”

The woman smiled. “That was the right answer, young one. Take it. It belongs to you now, no charge.”

Angelica beamed and clutched the spoon. “Thank you so much.”

“However,” the woman said, holding up a hand, “you must promise me something. You must allow it to help you. You must believe. And when you are finished with it, you must give it to someone else who also needs its special gift.”

Angelica was so thankful she was getting the spoon for free that she’d say anything.

“I promise. Thank you again so much!” she called as she hurried for the door, eager to show her mom the new spoon. She knew it would make her mom smile while baking. Angelica smiled at the thought and as she walked home, she felt lighter and happier than she had in a long, long time.

Read Part 3 of “Mixing Up Some Holiday Magic” in tomorrow’s Tribune Chronicle.


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