Cookies bring smiles, blessings

'Mixing Up Some Holiday Magic'

Editor’s note: This is the fifth chapter of a 12-part continuing, fictional holiday tale that is running daily through Christmas. Parents are encouraged to read it aloud to their children.

Angelica didn’t fully agree with her mom giving away all of their extra earnings, but she trusted her, so she was going to try to understand.

They walked from house to house, with Angelica pulling a wagon filled with bundles of wrapped cookies, and Faith carried a large pot of her homemade hot cocoa.

Even though it was freezing, Angelica was filled with warmth from the joy of seeing the happiness and surprise on the faces of their neighbors and friends. Everyone had been so thankful for their surprise cookie delivery, and Angelica finally understood her mother’s actions after she saw the impact their small gesture made.

“So now what?” she asked, looking into the wagon at the cookies they still had left.

Faith smiled. “Well, we can do what you suggested in the first place and go pack them up for extra orders.”

Angelica’s eyes lit up. “No, I know what we can do — let’s go and give them to Mrs. Blake at Feed Your Soul!”

“That’s a wonderful idea!” Faith stopped to wrap her in a big hug before they took off toward the shelter.

The door chimed as they entered Feed Your Soul, and the air was warm and smelled like fresh-baked bread. A table of large soup kettles lined the back wall, along with baskets of rolls and bins of salad. Long lines of people waited to be served, and it made Angelica sad to see how many people needed the help of the shelter.

“Faith, Angelica! Hello!” Mrs. Blake called.

Faith smiled warmly, pointing to the cookie-filled wagon.

“We brought a special treat,” she said.

“How wonderful. Thank you!” Mrs. Blake smiled and bent down to hug Angelica.

Angelica took the cookies and began to hand them out. There was a wide variety of people there. Some were elderly and looked like they had been stuck in rough times for years, and some were around her mother’s age with young children of their own. Angelica wished she could help all of them more, but for now the cookies would have to do.

Everyone was appreciative and thanked her as she went along. When she was done, she looked around to make sure she hasn’t missed anyone and spotted an older man in the corner of the room. He sat on a loveseat in front of a small gas fireplace and was warming his hands. Angelica made her way over to him and smiled.

“Would you like a cookie, sir?”

He smiled back at her. “What’s your name?”

“Angelica. What’s yours?”

“Frank. And thank you for the offer, but I shouldn’t eat that stuff. I’m diabetic.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Angelica wondered how he even got the medicine he needed. “Well …” she said, thinking. “I want to give you something.”

She looked at him rubbing his hands in front of the fire and took off her warm gray gloves.

“Here, please take these,” she said, handing them to Frank. “They should fit. They’re very stretchy.”

Frank’s eyes sparkled with emotion. He took the gloves from her and nodded.

“Thank you, Angelica. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Frank.”

Read Part 6 of “Mixing Up Some Holiday Magic” in tomorrow’s Tribune Chronicle.


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