Canadian news also biased against Trump


I live in British Columbia, Canada, about four miles north of our shared border. I have been following your presidential election closely since it started. The reason is that what happens in your country greatly affects the rest of the world. You are Canada’s closest trading partner and ally.

I want to share with you something you are probably not aware of. From the moment Donald Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee, the Canadian corporate news has been attacking him every day. They are repeating the hit pieces produced by your corporate news every day. The reporting against Trump is so biased, I don’t know how these people call themselves journalists. What they really are is high paid lobbyists for the multinational banks and corporations that run both our countries. And Hillary Clinton is their candidate. She said in her leaked speeches to her Wall Street donors that she is working toward a multinational union. A union like the E.U. that the British fought so hard to free themselves from. This union will strip the American people of the central core of what makes America great, self governance. I am asking all the American citizens to reject Clinton’s globalism and make America great again. Because when America is great, the rest of the world is a better place. God bless America.



British Columbia, Canada