Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County Oct. 11 — 18:


August Fauvie Trustee to Andrew Musial, 2491 Andrews, $155,000.

Alan Camlin and Lucretia Camlin to Ray Gilliam and Carol Gilliam, 3174 Deer Trail Unit A, $60,500.


Wells Fargo Bank NA to Andre Riley, 3753 Eagle Creek, $2,501.


Rex King Jr. to Troy Heffern, 690 Greenville, $112,000.

Mark Shoaf and Melanie Shoaf to Michael McClusky and Rebecca McClusky, 4820 Miller South, $218,000.

Carol Foust to Patrick Harmon and Cynthia Harmon, 2110 Housel Craft Road, $152,000.

Longview Corners LTD to King Rental Properties Residential, Messick South, $40,000.


Russell Custer to Ruthie Hawkins and William Hawkins Jr., 8121 Diamond, $9,000.

Phoenix Home Buyer LLC to William Furman and Jean Fraser, 8049 Ulp, $29,000.

Eric Kusky and Esther Kusky to Bank of New York Mellon, 807 Lynita, $103,500.

Kurt Fairchild and Jessica Fairchild to Tara Shawley, 637 Grover, $63,500.


Douglas Way and Rhonda Way to Stephanie OConnor, 5208 Copeland, $112,500.

Jeffrey Deehr and Tamra Deehr to Jerald Pease, 198 Raymond Unit A B, $117,500.

Altheda Sweeney to Douglas Way and Rhonda Way, 7198 Oak Hill, $150,000.

Carol Ady to Lee Beers and Kelly Beers, 938 Airport, $212,500.

Charles Monus and Martha Monus to Linda Corbett and James Corbett, 474 state Route 305, $84,250.

Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Paul Freer Jr. and Trisha Ruhlman, 284 Marshall, $126,000.


Roy Johnson and Laura Johnson to Stephanie Canzonetta, 303 Tournament Trail, $100,000.

Afonda Chojnacki Estate to Richard Hart, 181 Huntington, $402,000.

Timothy Vanburen to National Transfer Services LLC, 200 Laura Lane, $172,500.

National Transfer Services LLC to Lee Keck, 200 Laura Lane, $172,500.


Joseph Miller and Kathleen Miller to Noah Byler and Sylvia Byler, Geauga Portage Easterly, $26,000.

Maitino Farms LLC to Matino Farms LLC, Curtis Middlefield Road, $180,000.


Cory Luchette to Michael Maybee, Cadwallader Sonk Road, $176,000.

Joe Ward to Teresa Prentiss, 3249 Cadwallader Sonk, $91,000.


Ronald Dyce to Heather Ramsey, 817 Gary, $50,000.

Sarah Courtney and Dennis Courtney to Lisa Stein, 1026 Beechwood, $98,000.

Lowell Russ to Patricia Rodriguez, 41 Townsend, $57,000.

Stanley Hosking to Amy Tuttle, 1142 Gary, $76,500.


Timothy Santell and Karen Santell to Dominic Massary Jr. and Kimberly Massary, 6010 Wilson Sharpsville Road, $145,500.


Shirley Murray to Thomas Vandyke and Sandra Vandyke, 8866 Howland Springs, $46,000.

Amy Mindek to Andrea Nadenicheck, 2164 Celestial Drive, $180,000.

David Joseph to Richard Gordon and Rita Gordon,2980 North River Unit E11, $30,000.

Deutsche National Bank Trust to Timothy Orwig, 8497 Deer Creek, $85,989.

Molly Wilhelm and Thelma Chrjap to Bruce Wentworth, 7635 Venice, $72,000.

Roy Robinson to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 8308 Fairhill, $80,000.

Kenneth Bishop to Sarah Moreton, 8475 High, $87,000.

KLPRD Inc. to Robert Clark Sr. and Diann Clark, Lafayette, $12,000.

Leonisdas Gialousis to Kyle Marsteller, 3888 Jeanette, $127,000.

Jessica Chandler to Kyle Rowan and Mary Lukach, 9239 Briarbrook, $136,500.

Merle Mathews to Dante Harrell, 3329 Ridge, $5,000.

NRSE COrp to Melanie Shoaf, 156 HOwland Wilson, $147,500.


James Carsone Sr. to James Carsone Jr., 23 Timber Lake Drive, $138,000.

John S. Doughton III and Sarah Doughton to  John R. Marshall and Karen R. Marshall, 428 S. Main, $75,000.

Midred Evans to James Pitts Sr. and Judith Pitts, 24 James Place, $129,900.

Nora Moga Trustee to Bruce Miller, Taylor, $64,500.

The Mortgage Banc Corp to Baron Pet Care Services Inc., 230 Main, $49,000.


Kathryn Cain to Andrew Butler and Tamara Butler, 4355 Bradley Brownlee Road, $202,000.

Linda Spain and Marjorie Mariano to Nicole Safford, 6450 Stoddard Hayes, $40,000.


Tina Jefferson and John Jefferson to HSBC Bank USA NA, 9529 state Route 7, $12,000.


Kleese Development Associates to A&N Land Company LLC, Warner, $81,500.

Rami Nasser to Deutsche Bank Trust Company, 1425 Tomilu, $54,375.

Charmaine Ewing to Rhonda Kovach, 2523 Fifth, $127,000.

William Bucher to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, 1379 Mount Everett, $60,000.

Michael Cutlip and Bridgett Cutlip to Mark Randall and Cristin Grant, 259 Trumbull, $60,000.


John Young and Deborah Young to Brett Dickson and Kathy Dickson, 2860 Pleasant Valley, $279,000.


Christina Welch to Terry Backlund and Lori Backlund, 418 Iowa, $101,900.


Carson Beach and Sandra Beach to James McQuinn and Donna McQuinn, state Route 46, $52,900.

William Vine and Doris Vine to Adele Ihrig and Michael Ihrig, 311 state Route 88, $126,300.


James Byler and Marie Byler to Robbie troyer, 9288 Laird, $175,000.


Ellice Thompson to John States and Lorie States, 2673 South Canal, $100,000.

John States and Lorie States to Christopher Ratini and Denise Ratini, 2673 South Canal, $187,000.

Josephine Verbrosky to Rosemary Balk, 404 Canal, $85,000.


Boyd Elliott to David Vukich and Janice Vukich, 515 Cherry, $90,000.

Mary Ann WEhner to James Pieton and Cynthia Pieton, 1090 Park Place Drive, $190,000.


Double B Properties LLC to Double B Properties LLC, 4300 state Route 87, $185,000.

Kenneth Bacon and Shirley Bacon to CVW Properties LLC, 3679 Donley, $308,371.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jianchao Zhu, 317 West, $101.

Louis Deconcilis to Niles CB LLC, James, $5,500.

Terry Stauffer to Raymond Dodson, 323 Sayers, $60,000.

Jason Lehmann to Steven Ruman Jr., 625 North, $85,000.

Barbara Gilmour Trustee to Samuel Bates, 404 Ward, $57,500.

Christopher Drabek and Amanda Drabek, 314 Trumbull, $76,500.


Timothy Busch and LaurieBusch to Bradley Sherwood and Kassondra Sherwood, 3062 Barclay Messerly Road, $229,500.

Jerome Gilligan and Charlotte Gilligan to Kyle Hall and Kristina Rush, 2843 Leiby Osborne, $122,000.


David and Alyssa Whistler to CKK Investments LLC, 1090 Kenilworth, $8,000.

CKK Investments LLC to Roy Potter, 1090 Kenilworth, $13,000.

Bret Hurst and Karen Hurst to Judith Young and Adam Moore, 755 Hazelwood, $64,000.

Norman Boyd Jr. and Ronald Boyd tp WES6HIO ILA MAE BOYS L/E, 1815 Tiffany, $40,815.

Alex Tayler LLC to Jonail LLC, 349 Porter, $6,050.

Arthur Anderson to Carol Bidinotto, 1401 Willowbrook Drive, $99,250.

Mark Finamore to 760 Mahoning LLC, 250 Seneca, $24,000.

Jazz Up Indy LLC to Warren Lynwood Trust, 3459 Lynwood, $10,500.

Nicholas Ambeliotis to Justin Peterson, 931 Oak Knoll, $12,000.

James Costa to Planet Home Lending LLC, 988 Brookside, $14,000.

Gerald Barna to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, 3470 Hewitt Gifford, $50,000.

Richard Reider and Tammy Reider to Citizens Bank NA, 2166 Hewitt Gifford, $40,000.

Timothy Frazier and Kelly Fraizer to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 2970 Weilacher, $21,120.

1638 Sixth Avenue LLC to Robert Kruppa Trustee, 949 W. Market St., $35,000.

Jerry Mostella Jr. to Jerry Banks, 1605 Jefferson, $500.

Jerry Mostella Jr. to Jerry Banks, 1605 Hamilton, $500.

Helen Hill to Andrew Scott and Amanda Scott, 3300 Williamsburg, $59,500.

Julya Prendergast to Roy Potter, 2964 Williamsburg, $15,000.

Sandra Bailey to Daniel Ross, 848 Terra Alta, $33,000.

Douglas Kuehn to Ann Avenell, 314 Adelaide, $42,000.

Timothy Harrold to Mark Myers, 1846 Vernon, $34,000.

Lurena Coe to Akbar Muhammad, 896 Union, $8,000.

Allan Perunko to Lunn Rentals LLC, 1427 Drexel, $25,000.

Steven Paul to Kristopher HOuseholder, 642 Union, $18,000.


Specialty Pipe & Tube Inc. to Store Master Funding XII LLC, Union, $649,911.

James Coates Sr. to NAPS International Inc., Youngstown Warren Road, $160,000.

David Cunningham and Susan Cunningham to Michael Moore, 1457 Williamson, $67,500.

Mahoning National Bank TR to John Vonschwarz and Virginia Vonschwarz, Main, $3,500.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Joseph Mayette and Betty Mayette, 2561 Chestnut, $22,100.

John Penza to Charles Colburn and Jill Colburn, Austintown Warren Road, $33,500.