Soap Opera Summaries

”THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Liam, Steffy and Eric make their way to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit. During a private conversation with Eric, Liam vents about how Quinn ruined his life and how he feels sorry for the next person she dates. Steffy is touched when she overhears Liam profess his love for her to Eric. Ridge plans a romantic dinner for him and Caroline. Ridge tells Caroline he thinks their marriage is over. The fashion designers take to drawing a sketch together. Deacon attempts to talk Quinn out of going to Monte Carlo to see Eric, but to no avail. Liam watches with jealousy as Wyatt and Steffy are photographed together on the carpet. After the summit, Wyatt and Steffy capture photos of their trip, making Liam feel like an outsider. Tired of watching Wyatt and Steffy frolicking, Liam goes to visit Eric. Liam continues on his rant about his resentment toward Quinn for his current situation. Later, Eric goes to the pool and calls Quinn and tells her that he misses her. Liam and Quinn have a close encounter on the streets of Monte Carlo. He thinks he sees her but loses her. Quinn and Eric are secretly, and happily, reunited in Monte Carlo. Spotting a kiss between Quinn and Eric, Steff demands that her grandfather break up with the woman she hates.


”GENERAL HOSPITAL”: In the catacombs Lulu finds a skeleton, a bracelet and an earring. Lulu fears her father is dead when she realizes the jewelry is Luke’s. Laura is in anguish when Ava tells her that Nikolas is dead. As Valentin takes aim at Laura, Kevin steps in and takes the bullet. Jason manages to overtake Valentin and his guards. Valentin escapes. Sonny realizes Kristina is involved with a woman, and he tells his daughter he loves her no matter what. Alexis pushes Parker to stay away from Kristina. Heather promises Franco she will do nothing to hurt Elizabeth. Nina blackmails Julian with the knowledge that he is using medication to stay in the hospital and says she will tell. She agrees to keep quiet when he signs over Crimson to her. Joss, embarrassed by Carly’s search for her kidney donor, beseeches her mother to stop searching for the donor or she will move in with Sonny. Carly pretends to call off the search.


”DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Steve tells Brady he does not think Victor and Summer are behind Tate’s kidnapping. Theresa is upset when her hypnosis treatment with Marlena does not give a clear image of Tate’s kidnappers. Kate is kicked to the curb when Deimos tells her to leave the mansion, give his company back and leave town. Kate turns down Andre’s suggestion that they join forces. Although Deimos swears he is a changed man since his brush with death, neither Nicole nor Victor believe him. Dario knows Nicole has a thing for Deimos, but he wants to be the man in her life. Eduardo is uneasy when he gets a note saying he still owes something for the killings he committed. Belle and Shawn are unhappy when Claire says she is not going to college. With advice from Theo, Claire plots to get Chloe to record one of her original songs. It is touch and go for Hope after the explosion. Having suffered a ruptured spleen, Hope pulls through surgery. Unable to accept that Hope hates him, Aiden is confronted by his alter ego. After the confrontation, Aiden decides the only way he can gain respect is if he gains a position of power. Ciara moves back home. Kate tells Andre she has no intention of teaming up with him. Justin is thrilled when Sonny arrives in Salem. Steve decides to leave Black Patch and tend bar at TBD.


”THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Out of jail and on parole, Victor takes back his CEO position at Newman Enterprises. Victor is furious when Chloe claims she burned the missing pages from the diary. Chloe pretends she has forgiven Adam for running over Dee Dee, but Chelsea does not buy it. Visiting Adam in prison, Anita tells him to give Chelsea her freedom. Michel tells Adam the only why he can get out of jail is to have Chelsea’s support. Visiting Billy, Chloe recalls stealing his sperm and giving birth to Bella. Jill is blindsided when she finds Phyllis in bed with Billy. Warned by Jill that the Abbott family will be destroyed if they find out about her and Billy, Phyllis tells Billy she is moving back in with Jack to try to make their marriage work. Jill pits Cane and Billy against each other as they work together at Brash and Sassy. Ashley bids Simon Neville a bittersweet goodbye. Lily is not pleased when she learns Devon and Hilary have reconciled. Convinced that Luca really loves her, Summer says she will do anything for him and go anywhere with him. Abby is upset when Ben says they cannot have a baby until Max fully recovers. Natalie realizes Kevin still loves Chloe. Paul is furious when Dylan refuses to stop trying to prove Adam is innocent.