Lighter fare for TNT

Terri Gilbert was looking for something light when she suggested “Send Me No Flowers” for the March slot on Trumbull New Theatre’s 2013-14 season even before she knew how brutal this winter was going to be.

“It’s just a fun light show,” the director said. “No one wants to think after the winter we had.”

The comedy opens Friday for a three-weekend run at the theater.

The Norman Barasch / Carroll Moore play was the basis for the 1964 film of the same name starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. It was the third of their three films together.

“I thought it would connect with out patrons,” Gilbert said.

The story revolves around a suburban New York couple. The husband is a hypochondriac who believes he’s going to die when he overhears his doctor talking about one of his patients having a bad heart. The husband decides to get his affairs in order, from picking out his cemetery plot to finding husband number two for his wife.

The play was written in the early ’60s but the script had been updated to the mid-’80s. Gilbert decided to return the topical references to the original time period.

“It didn’t really lend itself to that,” she said. “How many doctors make house calls these days?”

Assistant director Jim Penn worked as stage manager on a production of “Send Me No Flowers” at the old Carousel Dinner Theatre in Ravenna and helped restore the original dialogue.

“He’s been a big help on this production,” Gilbert said.

The cast features Megan Browning, Clint Elston, Craig Mills, Brett Bunker, Tom DeNicholas, Wayne Morlock, Cindy Poplyk, Alicia Seng, Kyle Butryk, Tony Vitale, Jill Sakonyi and Michael J. Hill.