Cronuts can live up to the hype

For the big cities, cronuts have already came, gone, and are inspiring nostalgia for the days when you stood in line for hours to get one of these delicious croissant-doughnuts at some trendy New York bakery.

But as soon as the next trendy dessert is actually attainable for the average person, it is immediately not trendy anymore. That doesn’t make it any less tasty.

Cronuts never hit the Mahoning Valley, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this dessert hybrid.

Honestly, I don’t know why no one has ever thought of this before – frying a croissant up like a doughnut, and then drizzling it with sweet icing and other toppings. Croissants are OK as the usual brunch fare, but you can only top them with chicken salad so many times.

As with most desserts that involve making dough from scratch, this seemed like it would be difficult. It really wasn’t, as long as you have the patience to chill the dough. Apparently, that makes the difference when it comes to the flaky layers of the cronut.

Folding the dough was easy, but cutting it was a little tougher. I didn’t have perfectly round cutters, so I used some holiday cookie cutters and a metal rod with a hole in the middle to add the doughnut hole.

I have a Fry Daddy, which is easier to use than heating the oil in a pot since it uses a basket to avoid the cronut sticking to the bottom of the pan. It also tells me the exact temperature so I don’t burn the cronut or, on the flipside, not cook it enough, leaving it soggy. Pot or fry cooker, just be careful not to burn yourself. No dessert is worth a burn. Also, let them cool and the glaze harden a bit before trying.

My cronuts didn’t have the visible flaky layers like the gourmet ones I saw online, but it didn’t seem to take away from the taste. They still tasted good – crisp on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside. The sugar glaze in the recipe was a little runny for me, so I fortified it with some butterscotch drizzle. Maybe on the next batch I will get the cook time just right so to achieve the perfect presentation.

A batch of these at your next birthday or holiday party could start a new tradition. They can be customized with colored glaze for holidays, and topped with fruit or nuts or even chocolate. In the meantime, I’m still waiting for mini-pies to catch on, since I am terrible at making pie crust.