West End Ensemble brings the strings

The West End Ensemble is a different kind of bar band.

The new group is bringing the splendor of great composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joseph Haydn and Sir Edward William Elgar to the Cedars West End stage.

Vince Scacchetti, who plays viola, said, “I want to play more music, and this event is treated as an access point to witness classical music in a non-formal and a non-traditional fashion. It’s a new doorway to create something that allows people to do something new.”

Sunday’s concert is the first performance, and the plan is to play on the second Sunday of every month at the venue.

“The West End Ensemble is a group of core Youngstown musicians and out-of town musicians who will participate randomly,” Scacchetti said. ”In our first program, we will include material by Mozart, Haydn, Bach and Elgar. We are also going to perform Latin music and tangos by the singer, songwriter, composer and actor Carlos Gardel (born Charles Romuald Gardes).

The West End Ensemble hopes to in the future perform classics by Cole Porter and George Gershwin.

Scacchetti said that the program will be made up of two sets. He said that the first set will feature a set of string quartet music, and the second set will begin with the Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G major by Johann Sebastian Bach followed by Serenade For Strings by Sir Edward William Elgar and then Divertimento K 136 in D Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“What the West End Ensemble and other orchestra groups today are doing is creating a future audience for the orchestra and for the art form,” Scacchetti said. ”It’s something to generate interest and showing people what it is and what it means to play this kind of music. The West End Ensemble is an opportunity for me to work with my colleagues in a new setting. It’s opportunity to work together and perform this type of music for a new audience. We want to give folks who have not had the experience to see an orchestra, a chance to see an orchestra. We also want to give people who have seen orchestras a chance to further their experience.”

Christina Gant, the lead violinist for Sunday’s program, also plays violin in the Cleveland Pops Orchestra and The Youngstown Symphony. As members of the Youngstown Symphony, Gant and Scacchetti were among the many players who played with Barry Manilow in 2011. Gant also teaches violin and piano lessons to younger children.

“All of us in the West End Ensemble are professional music graduates,” she said. ”This West End Ensemble is a labor of love. We are trying to get 20 and 30 somethings to appreciate classical music.”

Seating will be limited to about 50 people Sunday, and Scacchetti beleives that intimacy will make for a one-of-a-kind experience.

“At Cedars West End, our performance will be in a smaller room which will make the experience more intimate and personal. I want people to come into that room and experience music that moves them and create an experience for the listeners. I want people to take something constructive away from it after this program.”