The undead have taken over the radio waves.

“I bring a voice to those who have felt on the outside of normal,” said Jackie Chin of Warren, host of the Internet radio show Zombiepalooza Radio.

Zombiepalooza airs every Friday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Ztalkradio.com, and Chin said her show delves into the subject of zombies in ways that no one can hear about anywhere else.

Chin’s show has included guests ranging from actors, authors, expert movie makeup artists, and many other fans of the topic of zombies. Chin has had actors who have played roles of zombie walkers from the AMC series “The Walking Dead” as well as guests from George Romero’s horror film “Dawn of the Dead” and the reality TV series “Face Off.”

Chin said that the topic of zombies can help individuals find answers to the dark mysteries and uncertainties of the world.

“Zombies are not pretty or fancy creatures,” she said. “They are not cuddly nor eloquent in their speech, but they can and often do resemble many of the everyday real terrors of the world.”

It was the terrors of the real world that brought Chin to the radio. She started Zombiepalooza as an instrument to help her husband, Ken Chin, overcome post-traumatic stress from a dog attack in which he was severely injured.

“He was no longer feeling capable of handling whatever life threw at him and this was beginning to worry me and the children,” Chin said. “So I began to think of a way to help him become more focused on something, anything positive.”

At first, Chin had a show called “Practical Paranormal” on Blogtalk Radio. It was this show that brought her to Ztalkradio.

“In August of 2012, I was picked up by Ztalkradio.com with my show, Practical Paranormal,” she said. “I had begun to move up toward a higher listener audience and now had a full two-hour live radio show.”

Chin’s co-host for Zombiepalooza is James Barker, who has played the role of a zombie walker on the last two episodes of season three of the “The Walking Dead.” Barker is based out of Blairsville, Ga., and Chin and Barker use Skype to record the show.

“I feel that Jackie and I bounce off each other well,” Barker said. “We show that zombies are not that bad.”

For Chin, the Zombiepalooza Radio show is a continuously growing operation.

“I have 250,000 listeners and the show to me is about the guests and what they bring to the show,” Chin said. “With my guests, I want to get their creativity out there, and on my show they get to promote themselves in a beautiful way. The reason why my show is so popular is because I listen to my guests and the passion for their book, film or product.”

Wyzae Crankfield, (aka Zombi Zae The Zomb’G of Rap) is a zombie actor, zombie rap artist and writer from Baltimore. Chin plays and promotes Crankfield’s music on Zombiepalooza Radio, and Crankfield has helped Chin book guests on her show.

“I have brought authors, artists and directors in the horror industry on Zombiepalooza Radio Show,” Crankfield said. “Jackie Chin has also brought me more fans through playing my music on her show. Every week she has played my songs in one form or another.”

Barker and Chin also use zombies as a way to instruct people how to prepare for real-life disaster.

“On our show, we help people prepare for natural disasters,” Barker said. “We link zombies with natural disasters because those events, like zombies, can be unstoppable. This forces you to prepare yourself for these events, making sure that you have enough food and supplies.”

“All of these aspects are covered in books, movies, TV shows and organizations on Zombiepalooza radio with the intention to educate, bring humor and solace to those who are hurting, lonely or just seeking some down time,” Chin said.

Chin said that the topic of zombies is especially popular with the military and veteran audience. Ken Chin, who is an Army veteran, discusses this.

“For those of us who are retired or ex-military, zombie and zombie apocalypse movies allow us to have a form of entertainment, involving all manner of combatives, which are safe,” Ken Chin said. “Among other things is the fun we can find by pointing out the difference between ‘Hollywoodisms’ and what we would do in real life. We may not be able to watch ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan’ or ‘Windtalkers,’ but we can watch the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, ‘Zombie Apocalypse 2012’ and others safely. Anyone who thinks that we believe that zombies might actually show up, we know better, and we’re just having fun.”