Sam Goodwill brings ‘History’ to East Coast

Sam Goodwill is playing 10 cities in the next two weeks in support of its latest album, but there’s no place like home to start.

The ”Sam Goodwill Spring Tour Starts at Home” kicks off with a show tonight at Cedars West End.

The tour also unveils a new lineup for the band – Sam Buonavolonta, vocalist, lead songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; Bob Young, drums; Steven Andrew, bass, synthesizer, backing vocals and percussion; and Richard Elmsworth, guitar, backing vocals and percussion.

After drummer Dennis Thomas left for New York, “I realized that no matter how much I resist the idea of this band having a revolving door, it most certainly has one,” Buonavolonta said. ”So, recently, I decided to embrace it.”

”The lineup change is basically just going to change the live experience of the band with less looping and more performance,” he said. ”So far, this has led to the songs from the record being brought to life with more energy.”

”History,” released last year, is the band’s first full-length album, following the 2009 EP “Stampede” and the single “Every Other Anthology.” single ( 2012) and “History” (2012).

“The album is important to me on many levels, and I don’t feel like it has gotten the push it deserves yet,” Buonavolonta said. ”I wanted to present the songs true to form, so I put this four-piece band together as to bring as many layers of music to the stage as possible. I’m really enjoying working with this group, every one of these guys has a story, all of which are fascinating to me. This East Coast tour will be one of several of similar length in the works for this year.”

Even though “History” was released in the spring of 2012, Buonavolonta still feels that the record is a new record.

“To most of the world, it is new as it is completely unheard of. We finished production on it last winter and gave it a soft release last spring. We played a few shows and sold a few records, but I don’t feel like we gave it a proper push to the masses. Besides, a lot has happened since the soft release. I got married and wanted to put my energy into getting adjusted to sharing my life in this new way.”

For Buonavolonta, the album’s release coincides with a time of change for his band as well as his personal life. It’s all about finding that special allotted time for creativity.

“The band and my life began to transition in a major way. It’s just the way of any artist who’s in a position of balancing something they are so passionate about (whether it be photography, fashion design, painting or in my case, music) with making sure the bills get paid,” he said. ”It can be a harmonious balance, but our timeline works a bit differently. Sometimes you release a record and it sits for a year until you finally get to tour on it.”

Buonavolonta said that he has been listening to such artists as Damian Jurado, Sun Kil Moon, Spoon and Richard Swift lately, and those acts have had an influence on his current music.

The band’s east coast tour begins in Youngstown, followed by dates in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

“I hope to do several other tours about this length this year,” Buonavolonta said. ”We are taking advantage of the ideal location of Youngstown for a band who aspires to travel. There are a lot of great places to play that aren’t incredibly far away. I’d like to hit more of the Mid-Atlantic area, and more of the northeast of the United States. I’d also like to tap into the south and of course the midwest. This is a more potent dose of exposure to new audiences than this band is used to, I guess I’m just curious to see how it effects the band, but more so, I’m just excited for the experience.”