Pot pie sliders make use of muffin pan

If there’s anything I like, it’s using one thing for, like, 10 things. It isn’t just a phone, it’s a camera / computer / game console / TV / calculator and so on. A large book is also a paperweight, an iron, and holds up the low end of the sofa.

A muffin pan can do more than just bake muffins. It should be called the Swiss Army Pan. You can use it for cupcakes, mini-cakes, mini-pies, mini-pizzas, mini-breads, etc. Turn it over, press a tortilla over the cups, bake, and you have instant nacho bowls. They’re handy for mixing paints. I guess you could make giant ice cubes with it, too.

My homegirl Betty Crocker never steers me wrong, and when I saw her recipe for mini-chicken pot pies, I instantly thought of my miracle muffin pan. I also envisioned a basket full of piping-hot pot pies. I didn’t quite make a basket’s worth, but it was enough to serve as a nice comfort food meal.

Once again, the lack of dirty dishes is always a priority when the dishwasher-less like myself selects recipes. The recipe was easy, practical and simple to clean up. I only had one boneless chicken breast, so I used a chicken quarter that had been baked in the oven for dinner the previous night; the meat fell right off the bone. I already had all of the ingredients; everyone should keep a box of Bisquick around.

These little pot pie sliders can be stacked, skewered and topped with butter, cheese, cranberry relish, country gravy or other goodies. They’re good to make in advance and pack into lunches or to use as a quick appetizer. Customize by switching up vegetables, or make them meat-free.

Going from desserts to savory comfort food, the muffin pan does it again.