No-bake recipe is easy as pie

There were just two days to go until my cooking story deadline, and not only did I not have something written, but I didn’t have anything to write.

In fact, I had absolutely no idea what recipe I was going to use.

“Make a pie,” both the features editor and my husband said as I fretted about what to write.

But pies have never been my specialty, particularly because I always have problems baking a good flaky crust from scratch.

Then it hit me. Why “bake” a pie? No-bakes are always delicious, quick, easy and they don’t require baking a crust! If it was this easy, I knew our readers would love it just as much as I did.

My mind was made up easily on flavor. One of my favorites, key lime pie, is always a great choice because it can have a bit of a zing.

This particular recipe also is great because the flavor is easily adjustable to, say, strawberry, cherry, lemon, banana or anything else you prefer. Simply substitute different flavored gelatin and yogurt.

The pie also easily can be adjusted to lower the calories. That can be done by substituting sugar-free gelatin, a reduced-calorie graham cracker crust, fat-free yogurt and fat-free whipped topping.

That’s actually what I did with my pie, and it was every bit as good as one loaded with calories (and better yet, no one ever needs to know!)

The best part is that it’s simple, quick and delicious. Good thing! After all, I was running out of time.