You say potato, I say delicious

I was all set to make some old-fashioned chicken and waffles for my Tribune Cooks, but for some reason, last night my mouse-clicking finger was drawn to Buzzfeed, also known as the place to waste lots of time looking at top 20 lists. After reading about the Top 20 Reasons a Sloth Should Rule The World my eye caught a list of delicious ways to repurpose baked potatoes.

I forgot all about the sweet and savory chicken and waffles as I read 23 Amazing Ways to Eat a Baked Potato for Dinner, sweet or Russet. So, I decided to try three or four of them. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down, so I went with the ones I already had all the ingredients for.

Since I always love a good egg, I picked a potato where an egg is cracked and baked in the oven right inside the potato, then topped with cheese, pepper and whatever toppings you like. I also had some leftover pulled pork from an Oscar night party, so I topped a potato with some of that and some cheddar, then warmed it up in the oven. I had some Brussels sprouts and spinach in the freezer, so I did the obligatory healthy potato with that, some sea salt and some grated asiago and parmesan cheeses. Finally, I wanted to try one sweet potato, and did one that requires “cashew cream,” which just sounds amazing.

All four potatoes baked happily in the oven, some longer than the others. Everything baked at 350 degrees, so that was a plus. The best part is that the potatoes can be prepped in advance, then conveniently warmed up for breakfast or dinner. The very best part was that all of this required only a baking sheet, a fork, a spoon, a bowl and my blender. The bare minimum of dirty dishes is the highlight of any recipe.

So, next time you have a bag of potatoes, start throwing around some ideas, while at the same time cleaning out your fridge.