Festival brightens winter with art, music

Nearly 50 acts will be featured on eight indoor and outdoor stages for the fourth Brite Winter, a free art and music festival in Cleveland’s Ohio City market district.

Last year’s event drew about 10,000 people. The guiding idea of Brite Winter is to explore and play outside in the wintertime, and outdoor stages will be set up at West 26th Street and Bridge Avenue and behind the Campbell’s Sweets Factory. Four indoor stages featuring live acts also will be part of the event.

The musical lineup includes:

W 26th & Bridge – Floorwalkers, Lost Jon & The Ghosts, Misty Gonzales, Thaddeus Anna Greene, Lucy Stone

Campbell’s Sweets Factory – Total Babes, Annabel, Dowsing, Reverse The Curse, Dead Sweaters, Muscle & Bone, Cherry Cola Champions, Beach Stav

Loren Naji Gallery – Maza Blaska, Bethesda, Teen, Army of Infants, Wolf Ram Heart, Bonesetters, Suns, Seafair, Bears of Blue River, Dozens, Alert New London, Regular Shoulders,

Market Ave. Wine Bar – Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree, Saintseneca, Ashley Brooke Toussant, Jerimiah Webb, Sam Brenner, Istvan Medgysi, Hugo, Melissa Olson

Joy Machines Bike Shop – Restorations, Tin Armor, Dowsing, World’s Scariest Police Chases, Worship This!, My Mouth Is The Speaker, Signals Midwest, En Garde, Perfect Future, Tracy Morgan Freeman

The Cleveland Hostel – Meridian, Tom Evanchuck, Honeybucket, Old Boy, Unraveler, ShiSho

For the art component, GE Lighting has provided the festival with thousands of high energy efficiency lights for artists to create brilliantly lit art installations for festival goers to enjoy. This year there will be between 15 and 20 individual art installations created through partnership with The Cleveland Institute of Art and The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Department of Community Affairs as well as displays sponsored by Cleveland State University, Old Angle Tavern, ABC The Tavern, Orange Blossom Press and other businesses.

In addition to the 24-foot-long giant skeeball ramp that has been a part of the event since it inception, RGI international and the Cleveland Disc Alliance has added new games and activities.

The festival starts at 4 p.m. Saturday and runs until 1 a.m. Admission is free. Additional information can be found at www.britewinter.com.