The wish list of a hopeful sports fan

There’s something about the number 12.

We buy some of our favorite foods by the dozen – eggs, cookies and donuts.

There were 12 tribes of Israel and of course, at this time of year, we are all familiar with the “12 Days of Christmas.”

In keeping in line with the season, I am going to give you sports fans my 12 wishes to good old St. Nick.

Here is my official Christmas wish list:

No. 1 – I wish that all Cleveland sports fans remember that it is only a game, and we need not show any displays of anger when our teams continue to turn certain victories into devastating losses. When I was watching the Browns recently blow a 12-point (there’s that number!) lead in New England, I remembered how I broke a lot of good transistor radios listening to tough Browns losses back in the 1970s and ’80s. Maybe, St. Nick, can you deliver us that one Cleveland championship in 2014 that can turn all those frowns upside down?

No. 2 – Now that we sort have forgiven LeBron James for dissing the Cavaliers in the summer of 2010. I know a lot of fans are wanting the King to return to Ohio when his Miami Heat contract is up after the 2013-14 season. They think that will put the Cavs in position for a few NBA championship rings. Well Santa, that’s not my wish. Please let LeBron sign anywhere but Cleveland. We don’t need that kind of drama again! Besides, I would rather take my chances with Kyrie and company, who seem to be on their way to playoff contention this year.

No. 3 – In line with wish 2, please give the Cavs a spot in the 2013-14 NBA playoffs. I am not talking about a high seed or anything. Maybe we can get into a matchup with the Heat and give LeBron a scare.

No. 4 – Please give the Browns a quarterback, maybe two, in the draft, who will once a for all settle that position.

No. 5 – And also give us a healthy Brian Hoyer to lead the Browns to a 2014 playoff spot and hopefully make Browns fans remember another Brian QB named Sipe.

No. 6 – Please have the Browns ownership cancel the millions they want to spend on stadium renovations. Maybe they can spend that money on some talent evaluators during draft day.

No. 7 – As an Ohio State fan, I am usually satisfied with its performance, especially the 24-game win streak. But next year, Santa, please give our Buckeyes a spot in the new four-team playoff format.

No. 8 – I’m glad to see Jim Tressel get a promotion at the University of Akron. May he do well in his new job to get promoted again to president of the university, so he can hire himself as the football coach.

No. 9 – And then maybe Tressel can hire former Warren G. Harding star Maurice Clarett as his assistant. And please let some other famous Youngstown boys – Bernie Kosar, Kelly Pavlik and Boom Boom Mancini – conquer their dark sides. To forgive is divine!

No. 10 – It was so exciting to see the Tribe and Pirates in contention all through 2013. Every game in September was meaningful. I didn’t even ask for that last year, Santa. Thanks. But please Santa, let’s keep the ball rolling for the Tribe and Pirates in 2014. Maybe they can meet in the World Series, do you think?

No. 11 – May one Trumbull County high school football team win the state championship, and let the Warren G. Harding Raiders play meaningful games after the leaves fall.

No. 12 – And please Santa, let Warren recognize its greatest baseball player in 2014. Can we bring Bill White home next year so we can name the Harding baseball complex after him?

Hope that’s not too hard, Santa. I think we were good enough fans to deserve these 12 wishes.