Quarterbacks, closers and happy parents for Christmas

The other night, my coworker, Joe Simon, told me that I hadn’t given him my Christmas list yet, which apparently has put me on the naughty list. So that got me to thinking, what does Dana want for Christmas this year?

I could ask for the practical things, like a new George Foreman grill (mine has disappeared), some cookbooks (I’ve discovered that I’m actually not too bad at cooking) or some practical items for my new apartment. I could go the extravagant route and ask for a new Coach purse, a Michael Kors watch or some fancy Ugg boots. However, those are really none of the things that I want for Christmas this year.

While I don’t know if Joe or anyone else can get me the following things, here is what I want for St. Nicholas to bring me under the tree on Dec. 25:

A NEW QUARTERBACK: I’m pretty sure that’s on every Cleveland Browns fan Christmas list this year, or at least, they are asking Santa to never have to watch Brandon Weeden play another down of football in orange and brown again.

When he’s healthy, Jason Campbell has done as good of a job as he could have under the circumstances. However, it’s clear he’s not the quarterback for the future – he’s merely been the band-aid to try and hold this season together.

Whether it’s through free agency, the draft, or the re-emergence of a healthy Brian Hoyer, please Browns, let’s get through next season with one quarterback who knows how to play football, can actually move around in and out of the pocket, and will never do that hideous sidearm horizontal flip that Weeden thinks is the right idea. It never is.

I hope Santa has put him on the naughty list for that horizontal flip thing. Seriously? What is that!?

A CLOSER: Just for one baseball season, I? would like to be able to breathe during the ninth inning of a game that the Tribe was winning, and I’m sure many other Indians faithful would agree.

A seven-run lead? Well that should be a cake walk. This past season, it wasn’t.

The good news is that Chris Perez is gone and with that his blown saves and his dog that had pot delivered to him.

The Indians did very little during the winter meetings, and hopefully there is a plan in place to lock up the ninth inning. Let’s hope because if fans (or myself) have to watch another person blow a chance to lockup a playoff spot against this season, it will not be happy times on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

HAPPY PARENTS: While this might be a miracle that a Hallmark movie can’t even make come true, let’s give it our best shot.

Too many occasions do we hear from unhappy parents about coaches, administrators, other players, the newspaper, etc. Enough is enough. If Christmas and the holiday season is supposed to do one thing, it’s o bring joy to everyone.

So instead of complaining about why the coach played a certain player over another, just be thankful that all these kids are able to play sports. Instead of griping about the call an official made, understand that that person is just doing his or her job. What if someone came to your workplace and yelled at you every time you made a mistake or didn’t agree with a decision you made?

And lastly, embrace what sports brings to our lives everyday. Whether it’s by being a fan, an athlete, a coach, or a little bit of everything, let’s remember that sports are supposed to be happy and enjoyable.

Just like the holiday season.