Weymer gets victory at baseball, life

Who says the newspaper industry is dying?

You’re about to read a revolutionary combination that this column space, in the Tribune Chronicle or any other publication, has never seen before. Get ready for the inaugural wedding announcement/sports opinion piece.

On July 8, Matt Weymer married the former Laura Bright of Bellefonte. Parents of the groom-elect are Paul and Lou Anne Weymer of Vienna.

“They are the most supportive people I’ve ever known,” Matt Weymer said.

The 2005 Mathews High School graduate earned a bachelor’s degree in social studies education and a minor in history from Miami University in Oxford.

“It’s one of the most wonderful places on the face of the earth,” Weymer said. “People think I’m obnoxious with how much I rave about it. I just love the school so much. I had to find someone to share my same passion.”

Funny enough, Miami is ranked as a top 10 school in the country for young couples to meet. Laura is also a 2009 graduate of the university.

The couple now resides in Youngstown where she is the membership coordinator at the YMCA, while he is a teacher at Springfield High School and the head baseball coach.

And, Weymer is having the best summer of his life. It started at the beginning of June, in Columbus, where he would have his wedding a month later. Weymer, 26, guided the Tigers baseball team to Huntington Park for the Division IV state championship. A come-from-behind, 13-7 win over Defiance Tinora in the semifinal led to a 2-1 loss to reigning champion Newark Catholic in the final.

“I told my now-wife that if we win state I’m bringing all the kids on the team to the wedding,” Weymer said. “And she was getting kind of scared because of all the extra money it was going to cost us.

“She tried to play that she was disappointed we lost 2-1, but she was quite happy actually.”

Weymer started coaching at 19 in the Youngstown Class B League. His first job was as a teacher at Pymatuning Valley and he was an assistant basketball coach and occasionally helped with the Lakers baseball team. While coaching Rondinelli Tuxedo in Class B, Weymer formed a relationship with longtime Astro Falcons coach Bob Beam, who was a veteran leader of Springfield. Beam took the open Boardman High School coaching job in 2011.

“He gave me a call and I thought he wanted me to come help him (at Boardman),” Weymer said. “He kept pushing me and he had a huge influence on me having the amazing to be a head coach opportunity at 24.

“I can’t imagine too many schools giving a 24 year old reigns of a program that has been highly successful for a long time. They took a great shot on me and it’s worked out very well.”

In three years at Springfield, Weymer has compiled a 61-21 record with three appearances in the regional tournament and a pair of state berths. Yes, he’s had more success than most coaches who have been at the helm of programs for more years than he’s been alive.

“If anyone was ever to ask (for advice), the biggest thing is being consistent,” Weymer said. “I always told people that I’ve never had a bad group of parents anywhere I’ve been.”

He’s grown close with so many of the players and families of his teams, including the Raschillas from McDonald, Phil Lipari (a Poland product who now plays for Youngstown State) and Eddie Reese (a Cardinal Mooney graduate who now plays at Wooster).

Weymer relates to Northeast Ohio, also. Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning Counties have been his stomping grounds for the past three years. He basically lived on State Route 11 in 2010. Weymer lived with his parents in Vienna while teaching at Pymatuning Valley and coaching at Springfield in New Middletown.

“It was over 100 miles round trip everyday in the spring,” he said. “Everywhere I’ve been has been great. Springfield is very, very similar to the Mathews School District. (Former Principal) Lou DeMarco had it like school in the 1950s. It was run so well. You knew who people were from the sound their shoes made it was so small.

“That’s where I grew up and that’s where I fit best. Would I be this effective at a Warren Harding or somewhere else big? I don’t think I would be. I understand the rural kid, because I am a rural kid.”

Weymer claims he’s not worthy of a cover story, but there’s so many more tales to be told that can’t fit in this space. He will tell you he missed his college graduation to play a club baseball game in Indiana.

“That could’ve made my parents the most unhappy people in the world,” Weymer said. “But they were always there at so many different ballfields.”

And he’ll rave about his bride, more so now, than the day they were engaged.

“I was worried about finding someone because I do love to coach and spend so much time with the kids on and off the field,” Weymer said. “She understands and appreciates that relationship.”

He’ll even admit his dog is the most un-manliest pooch ever created.

“His name is Petty and he’s a miniature poodle,” Weymer said. “He’s the ultimate lap dog, but he also is our teams’ mascot and he’ll shag balls in the outfield during BP.”

With a whole life ahead of him with championships to achieve, Weymer will accumulate a novel of experiences – a whole lot better than a sports related obituary, don’t you think?