Perez’s time in Cleveland may be over

More and more today, acts of stupidity by prominent people are everywhere to be seen or read about. In today’s world of Facebook, Twitter and 24/7 media coverage, blunders and not-so-smart-moments are a daily occurrence in the news cycle.

This week the “Really!? Seriously!?” moment came from Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez.

If you have been living under a rock this week, Perez and his wife were charged with misdemeanor possession after marijuana was mailed to his home in his dog’s name.

The Associated Press further reported that Perez and his wife, Melanie, had the drugs mailed to their home under the name “Brody Baum,” which is the name of their dog and Melanie’s maiden name. Also, Perez admitted to police that he had personal-use marijuana in this basement and volunteered to direct the officers to the location of it.

Also, it doesn’t seem this was the first time this has happened. Police were tipped off to suspicious packages by postal inspectors and Tuesday’s delivery was arranged under surveillance.

Obviously, Perez committed a crime and was in possession of illegal substances. That is wrong and some sort of punishment will be dealt to the Indians’ closer. But the head-scratching moment is the fact Perez had his drugs delivered to his Rocky River home and was trying to be “smart” about it by having it addressed to his dog.

While people could get a little laugh about Perez’s front-porch drug deals, the story is just another blackeye on the Indians’ closer, and that’s what fans aren’t laughing about.

Last year, Perez angered many Tribe fans when he called them out for not coming to games. However, he was calling out fans for not coming to watch a 68-94 team that finished the season 20 games out of first place. He also had words with ownership about not spending money on talent and free agents. Apparently, they got the message because this offseason was one of the biggest spending sprees for the Indians in recent memory.

While he had his best season in terms of saves last year (39), he’s not exactly among the elite closers in the league. Before he went on the disabled list this season with a shoulder injury, he had six saves, two blown save opportunities and a 4.32 ERA. Not exactly great numbers for the guy you call on for one inning of work per night, when a lead is already established.

Indians’ fans have been so critical of Perez it led him to deactivating his Twitter account. Apparently, he could dish it, but he couldn’t take it.

If he were an ace closer who was lights-out every time he took mound (i.e. Mariano Rivera), his off-the-field antics and words might be pushed aside by the fan base. But when you put together yelling at fans, bad-mouthing the organization and shaky game performances along with getting pot delivered to your house, that might equal up to Perez’s days being numbered on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.