A year full of milestones for Jones

It’s admirable for a player to score 1,000 points in their high school basketball career. To accumulate 1,000 total rebounds along with those 1,000 points, you’re in rare company. Bristol’s Ally Jones was able to surpass each of the milestones this season.

On Feb. 14, Jones eclipsed the 1,000 total rebounds barrier by grabbing 16 of them against Brookfield. Ally notched 1,000 career points by scoring 13 against Pymatuning Valley on Jan. 3.

She knew coming into the season that both milestones were within reach.

“Being a senior, I knew I had to work hard and finish strong. I just went out there, practiced really hard over the summer,” Jones said. “We (the team) did a lot of work over the summer – running and working out in the gym. I went out there this season and knew what I needed to do to be a leader, help my team win games and accomplish those milestones.”

Jones said her many hours in the gym and a lot of hard work has contributed to her successful career. She also acknowledged her physical strength and her basketball intelligence to why she has had an outstanding scoring and rebounding career.

“Being 6-foot helps,” Jones said jokingly in reference to why she has more than 1,000 career rebounds. “It is all about positioning. I was always able to read where the ball was going to go. I think growing up around basketball, I developed a basketball intellect because I know the percentages of where the ball is going to land.

“A lot of cuts to the basket, I play on the high (post area) and I’m able to post up. I have longer reaches than most girls, am stronger too so I can back into them.”

Jones has led Bristol to a 15-6 season by averaging 15.3 points per game and 16.3 rebounds. She is now looking to guide the Panthers to a deep playoff run starting on Saturday.

“I’m one of the team leaders. When I go out there on the court I know I need to keep my energy up, stay positive and keep everyone strong,” Jones said. “I know if I go out there and do the right things, the team will follow my lead. If I play hard and strong and the team sees me playing hard, it will motivate them to play hard.”

With the success the Panthers have had this season, Jones believes the team has the capability of flourishing in the playoffs.

“In order to be successful, we need to play to our full potential. We can go out there and definitely win it all,” Jones said. “There is no doubt in my mind that we have the ability and the talent to go out there and win. I think that it’s just a mindset that we need to go out there and play hard. If we do that and make our shots and do what we’re supposed to do, we can go out there and definitely win a lot of games.”

However the season may conclude, Jones said she will always recollect playing high school basketball as some of the best times of her life.

“I have had such a great basketball career,” Jones said. “I’ll always remember the milestones of the 1,000s, something not many people accomplish, especially rebounds.

“I’ll also remember this season more than anything. The whole season has just been so amazing. I think in my freshman year we won three games. My sophomore and junior year we didn’t have a winning record. To go 15-6 is something I’ll definitely remember. I’ll also remember all the girls that I played with.

“It’s a small school and you’re so close with these girls all summer and all month of the school year, you create a bond with them and that is something I’ll always cherish.”