Nuzzo repeats effort, holds lead

CHAMPION — First-round leader Joe Nuzzo duplicated his first-round effort on Sunday when he rolled a second straight 1463 score over six qualifying games at Champion Lanes in the 39th Warren Challenge Bowling Tournament.

Nuzzo shot his first 1463 on Saturday at Echo Lanes in the first qualifying round. The third and final qualifying round is scheduled this coming Saturday at Freeway Lanes. After that, the top eight bowlers will advance to the finals at noon on Jan. 14 at Cortland Lanes.

The finalists will bowl eight games head-to-head in match play to determine the 2018 champion.

The two biggest movers of the second round both rolled 800 series. Bob Haynie started off throwing games of 257, 268, and 290 for an 815 series for the first three games. Finishing strong the last 3 games, Mark Lias shot games of 300, 279 and 278 for a 857 series.

Haynie, the 2016 champion, jumped 14 places into the eighth and final qualifying spot with his 1520 score for the six-game round, and Lias jumped from eighth place into the second spot.

Lias wasn’t the only bowler to roll a 300 on Sunday as 2014 champ Mike Benton started the day off with a perfect game.

Defending and four-time champion Adam Barta remained in third place, and he is followed by 2003 champion Jeff Czerniak, Rich Speicher, ames Nolen, Tom Harcarik and Haynie.

Just outside the qualifying eight are Dave Joseph, Benton, 2015 champ Robert Harvischak, Rick Adams and Butch Solarz, who dropped from sixth place after the first round.


Through 2 qualifying rounds

Bowler Total 2nd round

1. Joe Nuzzo 2926 1463

2. Mark Lias 2873 1546

3. Adam Barta 2846 1469

4. Jeff Czerniak 2819 1482

5. Rich Speicher 2806 1459

6. James Nolen 2801 1473

7. Tom Harcarik 2786 1397

8. Bob Haynie 2775 1520

9. Dave Joseph 2753 1464

10. Mike Benton 2744 1464

11. Robert Harvischak 2710 1453

12. Rick Adams 2695 1388

13. Butch Solarz 2687 1355

14. Chuck Williams III 2673 1423

15. Anthony Marcello II 2664 1365