Field set for Warren Challenge finals today

Special to Tribune Chronicle The field for the finals of the 39th Warren Challenge bowling tournament scheduled today at Cortland Lanes includes, from left, Rich Speicher, Tom Harcarik, Mike Benton, Bob Haynie, James Nolen, Adam Barta, Joe Nuzzo and Mark Lias. The finalists were the top eight qualifiers after 18 games of qualifying.

Four-time champion Adam Barta set the pace Saturday in the third and final round of qualifying for the 39th Warren Challenge bowling tournament and he leads the field into today’s finals at noon at Cortland Lanes.

Barta rolled a 1513 block of six games at Freeway Lanes on Saturday and stands at the top of the qualifying list with a 4359 score over 18 games. He won the Challenge title in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017.

2014 champion Mike Benton made the biggest move on Saturday, jumping five places into fifth with a six-game block of 1502. The top eight qualifiers advance to the finals today.

The other six qualifiers remained in the top eight which had been established through the first two rounds of qualifying at Echo Lanes and Champion Lanes. They are Joe Nuzzo 4322, Rich Speicher 4317, Mark Lias 4283, Benton, Bob Haynie 4190, James Nolen 4187 and Tom Harcarik 4145. Dave Joseph is the alternate at 4131.

Lias recorded the best six-block day of qualifying with a 1546 and posted to 300 games during qualifying. Benton also had two 300 games and Speicher recorded one.

Special prizes for those who finished out of the top 15 went to Scott Baillie, high game (289) and block (1439) at Freeway Lanes; Pie Rossi, high game (290) and block (1411) at Champion Lanes; Kevin Zook, high block (1326) at Echo Lanes; and Corey Hines, high game (279) at Echo.


1. Adam Barta&1513&4359

2. Joe Nuzzo&1396&4322

3. Rich Speicher&1511&4317

4. Mark Lias&1410&4283

5. Mike Benton&1502&4246

6. Bob Haynie&1415&4190

7. James Nolen&1386&4187

8. Tom Harcarik&1359&4145

9. Dave Joseph&1378&4145

10. Butch Solarz&1414&4101

11. Jeff Czerniak&1274&4093

12. Chuck Williams III&1379&4052

13. Robert Harvischak&1327&4037

14. Rick Thompson&1401&4007

15. Anthony Marcello II&1311&3975