Ole, Ole, Ole!

Local’s polka song cheers on Cleveland Indians

A Youngstown Grammy nominee hopes to propel the Cleveland Indians to a World Series victory with a polka beat.

The Del Sinchak Band recorded a new fight song for the Cleveland Indians, or at least a new version of an old one.

“Ole for the Indians” originally was written and recorded by Sinchak for the Cleveland Indians 1995 World Series appearance, when the team lost in six games to the Atlanta Braves.

Gary Rhamy, who cowrote and produced the track and appears on the recording as an announcer, said they started working on the new version about a month ago.

“Some people contacted us, ‘We remember ‘Ole’ from before, you should do an update,” Rhamy said.

Sinchak admitted he’s more of a football fan than a baseball fan — over the years he’s recorded eight different songs about the Pittsburgh Steelers — but he relied on baseball fans he knew for help.

“I tried to talk to people who are really Indians fans and come up with the names of personnel that really do the job and fit them in so they sort of rhyme or something,” Sinchak said.

The song has verses with lyrics like, “We’ll keep on winning with Jason Kipnis / Jose Ramirez and Frankie Lindor / Lonnie Chisenhall and Tyler Naquin / the greatest team in all the land.”

The chorus is built around the familiar “Ole, Ole, Ole” chant frequently heard at sporting events, and Rhamy does homerun calls for Mike Napoli and Carlos Santana.

Rhamy said he didn’t try to mimic Indians play-by-play announcer Tom Hamilton, but, “I think he’s terrific. He really is one of the best play-by-play announcers around. If anyone can get you excited about a team, it’s  him.”

The CD single has been getting some radio airplay in northeast Ohio, West Virginia and Erie, Pa. Rhamy said he also heard from Cleveland polka artist Fred Ziwich, who wanted a copy of it so he could learn to play it for his gigs this weekend.

Rhamy and Sinchak also sent a copy to the Indians, but they haven’t gotten a response yet.

“I think they’re pretty busy,” Rhamy said.

“I’m trying to get the stadium to play it,” Sinchak said. “Just the visual, all the fans going, ‘Ole, Ole, Ole.’ It could be a great fight song.”

The new version of “Ole for the Indians” will make its live debut on Saturday at Kuzman’s in Girard, where the Del Sinchak Band will be performing for a Halloween party. It’s the same night as Game 4 of the World Series.

The CD single is available at Kuzman’s and Peppermint Studios in Youngstown, and the song also can purchased digitally at www.peppermintrecords.com.