Former Kennedy standout not happy about coach’s dismissal


Shawn Pompelia – coach, friend, mentor and respected professional – has had his coaching career and reputation tarnished by a person or small minority of persons who obviously are juding an incident as opposed to the entire picture.

I was a former player for coach Pompelia. He has been instrumental in the formation of values for many young men like me. At times he was tough, but never did we not know his intentions were to create not only better basketball players but also better men. Coach Pompelia is the kind of coach who will always be in my life. In support of Coach Pompelia, he is someone who is honest, dependable and definitely cares!

I am saddened and alarmed by his dismissal and will reconsider my future time, effort and financial support to the basketball program at JFK. Kennedy has lost an asset to the family that I have been a part of since 2000. I know I speak for many student athletes who will supposrt Coach Pompelia regardless of what the Diocese of Youngstown felt compelled to do.

What a shame we let this happen to a quality man like Shawn Pompelia.

Colin Clemente