Badger defeats Chalker

KINSMAN – The Badger Braves sent the Chalker Wildcats to the foul line 26 times on Thursday night – and in turn, the Wildcats made them pay, draining 21 free throws.

Though they had success from the charity stripe, it wasn’t enough to overtake the Braves, who led from the start and picked up a 57-49 victory.

Badger coach Dusty Karr was not happy with the fouling that occurred.

“It got a little crazy with the fouls,” Karr said. “I told the girls at the end of the first quarter how well they did only getting three personal fouls in the first quarter. At halftime, I told them that I shouldn’t have said anything. In the third quarter, we sent them to the line a bunch. I think that they made as many free throws as they did field goal points.”

Chalker made 13 field goals in the game for 26 points – almost matching their points from the line.

Wildcats’ coach Mathew Yoder was not surprised at all that his team had so many free-throw attempts.

“I like to attack the basket,” Yoder said. “I like to play a little bit uptempo and attack the basket. We are actually a decent free-throw shooting team. I know that when I figured it out on Wednesday, we were shooting 72 percent as a team from the free-throw line. That is something that we like to emphasize is getting to the free-throw line and going all the way to the basket and going through the motions of a layup whether we make it or not. It doesn’t matter.”

In the second quarter, the Braves held the Wildcats scoreless for about 4 minutes, which allowed Badger to accumulate 12 points. Then, again in the fourth quarter, Badger didn’t allow Chalker to score for another 3 minutes. Badger scored 10 points in that time period.

The first half is when junior center Harlee Logan scored 12 of her 18 points.

“Definitely with teamwork,” Logan said. “Everyone worked from the inside, outside. It was kind of an inside guard to an outside post game.”

Izabella Armstrong was next, scoring 10 points, followed by Liz Emery, Cheyanne Dickson and Taylor Kramar all earning eight.

Yoder knew that, ultimately, the Braves offensive rebounding is what put them under.

“What killed us was offensive rebounds,” Yoder said. “I have right here that they had seven offensive rebound put backs. That’s 14 points directly off of offensive rebounds. It’s an eight-point game if you take those away. They have three girls that are really tall and crash the boards. We knew that coming in.”

The Badger coaching staff had all of the confidence in the world in Logan’s abilities and expects her to play well in order for their team to win. Karr thought the girls needed to connect on more of their shots though.

“Any time that we can get the ball inside to Harlee, we knew that we had a good opportunity to score,” Karr said. “I think that we left a lot of points on the boards by missing layups and easy shots that we normally would make. But we know that we will have a presence inside if we try to get the ball in there. I think that is why we were able to outscore them every quarter.”

Rachel Wilson did not make outscoring the Wildcats very easy. Wilson made seven shots, two of them from beyond the arch, and went 13 of 16 from the line for 29 points.

Both teams finished their regular season with this game and are now preparing for tournament time. Chalker takes on Windham on Wednesday.

Logan seems confident she and the team can come out on top in their first-round matchup against Mathews on Wednesday.

“I think that we will do good,” Logan said. “We are definitely ready for it. I know we are pretty pumped for it. It is kind of a revenge game. We lost to them in the tournament last year in the first round and we lost one game to them this year. We split with them in regular season this year.”