Tournament seperation won’t appear on May ballot

The 2014 athletic year will come and go without a vote to separate public and private schools in athletic tournaments.

According to Tim Stried, Director of Information Services for the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Monday was the deadline for any member school to submit a petition for the 2014 referendum, which the schools would then vote on during the May ballot. However, by the deadline, no petitions had been submitted for the spring vote.

“The OHSAA had anticipated that a petition might be submitted regarding separation of team sport tournaments into public and private divisions,” Stried said. “However, no petition was submitted.”

After the competitive balance vote failed last summer, many around the state thought a new public-private separation petition would be circulated, then submitted to be voted on.

Prior to the competitive balance referendum being added to the ballot last year – which was announced in March during the state boys basketball tournament – there was a petition submitted, and the plan was to vote on public and private separation during the May ballot. However, the group that submitted the petition – a group of superintendets from the Wooster area – agreed to pull the petition in favor of competitive balance.

As of now, there is no scheduled vote on another competitive balance issue.

“The OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Committee, which has created proposals the last three years that the membership voted down, will continue to meet and, along with the Board of Directors, will continue to evaluate this situation,” Stried said. “There is no definite timeframe for another competitive balance proposal or other details available at this time.”