Cribbs attending Champion prom

CHAMPION – A normal part of Champion senior Leanne Brown’s day is to call her mom after school. However, what happened after that was nothing ordinary.

“Josh (Cribbs) answered the phone and asked me to my prom,” Brown said. “I was kind of silent for about 30 seconds and I asked if he was serious.”

Cribbs was, and now he will be the special guest of Brown to Champion High School’s prom on April 13.

“This whole situation is all by luck,” Brown said. “Starting with my mom working for him, the rest and everything that has happened by luck.”

Brown’s mother serves as an assistant for Cribbs, a former Cleveland Brown, and many other current Browns’ players, so that’s where the luck began. From there, the Champion senior has developed a relationship with Cribbs and his family as she has baby sat his children in the past. Even how Cribbs found out about prom also was just a lucky conversation.

“Josh asked my mom if I had a prom date,” the senior said. “My mom told him I didn’t then jokingly said, ‘You should go to prom with her.’ And he said OK. I didn’t know about any of this.”

While Brown didn’t know about the date, there aren’t many people in the United States who didn’t know about the NFL star attending prom. On Thursday, Cribbs tweeted to his 130,000-plus followers that he would be escorting the senior to her prom.

“Im excited 2be going 2the Champion high school senior prom April 13th with @Leanimal33 gotta break out my dancing shoes once again.”

From there, it was official, and Brown became somewhat of a Twitter and Champion High School celebrity.

“I didn’t know he was putting it on Twitter,” she said. “No one believes that my mom works for him, and I told him that we had to make it official. So he went and put it on Twitter.

“A lot of people who I’ve never talked to were talking to me today, I’ve definitely made a lot of friends.”

Brown has also gained 200 Twitter followers in the past day. The post has been retweeted 123 times.

After the two made the “date” official, Brown had the task today of getting the school’s permission, which was no problem. Then, she had to see how her peers would react to the senior bringing a pro-football player to her prom.

“A lot of the girls didn’t really know who he was, and then there were the crappy Steelers fans out there saying ‘No big deal,’ ” Brown said. “But most kids were really happy about it. This is putting Champion on the map.”

Now that things have calmed down a little, Brown said the first thing she needs to do is find a dress. And then from there, enjoy her senior prom.

“Josh has said that he wants me to enjoy my prom,” Brown said. “I never thought that this would happen. I’m definitely ending my senior year with a bang.”