JFK able to keep year going

After a chaotic week, things are beginning to get back to normal for the John F. Kennedy basketball team.

As of Friday afternoon, no punishment had been issued to the Eagles for leaving the court midway through the fourth quarter during their game against Windham on Tuesday. Because of that, the Eagles played their game against St. Peter Chanel as planned on Friday. The Eagles lost, 70-51.

The only issue that was definitely resolved was that head coach Shawn Pompelia did indeed receive two technical fouls during the Windham game. Because of that, he will serve a two-game suspension, which began Friday.

There are still conflicting stories on or if any penalty will face the Eagles going forward.

John F. Kennedy athletic director John Gillen said that there is no punishment that will be issued and “we are all in the clear.”

“We were never in danger of losing any games or losing a chance to be in the tournament,” Gillen said. “We’ve done everything the state has asked us to do. I’ve talked to (Jerry Snodgrass, assistant commissioner of the OHSAA) twice today at the OHSAA. It’s over with, it’s history, we play tonight.”

However, Tim Stried, OHSAA Director of Information Services, said no decision had been made.

“The other details of how the game ended is still being looked at,” Stried added.

Calls and emails placed to Snodgrass on Friday were not returned to the Tribune Chronicle.

With games still going on as usual for JFK, the Eagles will still participate in the tournament draw on Sunday to determine the brackets for the Division IV, Warren district tournament. John F. Kennedy is in the same bracket with Windham, so a rematch is possible in the near future -pending on how the brackets play out.

Gillen said that he doesn’t want Tuesday’s game to affect their relationship with Windham.

“We have always had a good relationship with Windham and we hope to continue to have a good relationship with them.”