Bubon brothers give rivalry a new edge

WARREN — Gabe Bubon drove westward on Interstate-70 every year.

Dan Bubon made his pilgrimage south on I-71.

Destination, Columbus.

Gabe recruited players for Point Park University men’s basketball team. Dan connected with other high school coaches in attendance. They met at the annual boys basketball state tournament.

In down time, with the weather cooperating, you’d better believe they’re going one place. Golfing.

These brothers, 1991 (Dan) and 1995 (Gabe) Warren G. Harding High School graduates, can’t wait to hit the links.

Competition is in their nature.

Gabe was hired Tuesday as the new WGH boys basketball coach. Dan is the Howland coach.

The two teams meet twice a season and they both work for the Warren City Schools system.

Let the fun begin.

“I used to drive him nuts growing up, wanting to be a part of and play everything he did,” Gabe said. “It’s kind of ironic how we’re going to be rivals. It’ll be fun and interesting at the same time.”

Should be interesting when the Raiders and Tigers tip off.

“I’m sure you care about each other before and after the game,” WGH athletic director Bill Nicholson said. “Once the ball is tossed up, it will be an hour and a half of who gets to be the victor.”

Dan said the Harding-Howland games might be the least competitive the brothers are since they are more worried about their teams and other facets of game day. Worrying about the other coach? There are 50 or so other things that take precedence in a high school coach’s mind.

That doesn’t mean the competition isn’t there between brothers.

“Anybody who knows us well laughs. We’ve been competing against each other for 40 years,” Dan said. “Whether it’s basketball, golf, it doesn’t matter. This will be one more thing.

“It’ll be weird, but we’ve done nothing but compete for a million years.”

Then there’s golf. Gabe was the boys and girls golf coach at Point Park, in addition to being the men’s basketball coach.

Dan can hold his own.

“He’s a couple strokes better than me, but I get him a couple of times a year,” Dan said.

He’s hoping for the same when Howland plays Harding.

Dan knows Gabe is going to do a great job coaching the Raiders, but hopes it doesn’t happen when they play the Tigers.

“Hopefully a couple of times a year, not a great job,” Dan said. “If we can get him here one time. We’ll see.”

The rivalry among the Bubon brothers continues. Fore.