Working overtime

Newton Falls wins battle against Southeast, 55-53

Special to Tribune Chronicle / Dianna Oatridge Izzy Kline (33) of Newton Falls works in the key against Southeast defender Shelby Morehead Saturday during the Tigers’ 55-53 overtime victory. Kline scored 20 points for the Tigers.

NEWTON FALLS — The Newton Falls Tigers added another win to their record with their 55-53 overtime thriller Saturday over Southeast.

Senior Izzy Kline put up 20 points in the contest, 11 of which came in a monster third-quarter performance for the Tigers, which saw them post a 19-9 point differential over the Pirates. Falls (4-3) increased a 24-23 halftime lead to 43-32.

Coach Mark Baker said he knew exactly the reason for the third-quarter domination: ball movement.

“We had a little bit of an advantage on the inside, and at halftime we talked about that. In the third quarter we were able to get a couple easy ones on the inside and made them collapse,” he said. “Then we were able to go inside and out and we were able to knock down a couple big shots. That was crucial for us to have a really good third quarter.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to carry that over into the fourth quarter and had some careless turnovers and let them back into it, but the ball movement was very good and we were very multi-dimensional in the third quarter. You saw several girls with their hands on the ball and we were able to get some really good looks at it as well.”

Special to Tribune Chronicle / Dianna Oatridge Newton Falls guard Leah Mitchell (12) brings the ball down the floor Saturday against defensive pressure from Southeast’s Leann Jones.

As Baker said, the fourth quarter didn’t exactly go the way the Tigers wanted. The Pirates swarmed their way back, dominating the quarter with an 18-7 point differential, enough to tie the game at 50 and send the teams into overtime.

Sophomore Hannah Schill put up 22 points, 10 in the final quarter, to lead the Pirates, with junior Andrea Radcliff following close behind with 20.

Bree Hutson led the Tigers in the overtime period, scoring four of the Tigers’ five points, to seal their victory. Alli Sembach and Libby Barreca both scored 12 points in support of Kline.

Special to Tribune Chronicle / Dianna Oatridge Newton Falls defenders Bree Hutson, center, and Alli Sembach, right, close in on Hannah Schill of Southeast.

Special to Tribune Chronicle / Dianna Oatridge Kate Martinko, left, of Newton Falls defends against Brittany Bolevich of Southeast Saturday at Newton Falls.