Garvin in district for Lakeview

Cross it here.

Down it there.

Move. Move.

Anna Garvin talks to herself during a match to get the mind and body to work as a cohesive unit.

“I start talking to myself and that helps me a lot,” she said. “Not purposefully, but it sometimes distracts the player across the court. It’s like, ‘What is she doing.’ “

The Lakeview senior tennis player has developed her footwork so much that net play and other facets of her game are handled due to her quick feet.

For her to raise her game to another level, Garvin had to get her mind right. It’s the approach she’ll take into today’s Division II district tennis competition at the Springside Racquet and Fitness Club in Akron, a facility which has indoor and outdoor courts.

“It’s about your mental stance and what you know that you can do,” Garvin said.

Garvin plays Chagrin Falls’ Adelaide Doman in the first round starting at 9 a.m., and the winner of CVCA’s Irene Norman and Lake Ridge Academy’s Ally Cui in the second round, if she advances. A loss in the second round — the quarterfinals — leaves her with a chance to qualify for state as the fifth-place finisher, providing she wins twice on Saturday.

Also competing in Division II today are the John F. Kennedy doubles teams of Kaytlin Marlatt/Lauren Kraker and Caitlin Condoleon/Sophia Zamarelli, the Cardinal Mooney doubles teams of Isabella Francisco/Hannah Matthews and Julia Giamboli/Jessica DiDomenico, and singles players Lexi Tsudis and Vy Hoang of Ursuline, and Marissa Ricciardi of Poland.

The last thing Garvin wanted to do was study up on her district opponents, research everything she could. Instead, she played with a variety of players, harder hitting ones, who prepared Garvin for today’s competition.

She knows that even if someone from the Cleveland area has a bad record, they’re likely a good player because of the competition they faced during the season.

Garvin remains on a even keel heading into today’s matches.

“If I get too excited or too cocky about it, it’s going to mess with my head,” she said. “I usually try to stay calm, stay quiet.”

Garvin remembers her freshman year, a singles match away from heading to district play. She became woozy and couldn’t continue in quarterfinal play at sectional.

Garvin began drinking more water and upped her salt intake. There was a better balance in her food.

Things began to improve.

She was paired with a doubles partner the next two seasons and her confidence grew, as well as her game.

Now, Garvin is back to singles play and is a second seed at the district.

She’s developed into more of an offensive player, shedding the defense-only persona which enveloped her game.

Garvin remembers a winter league match in which she was down 5-1 and rallied to win. It was the turning point in her high school career.

“Every point counts, every game counts,” she said. “No matter how far down I am I can come back.”