The beat goes on: Tiger throwers excelling

Tribune Chronicle / John Vargo Newton Falls senior Kayla Barreca, left, and junior Isabelle Kline, right, are two of the state’s best Division II shot put throwers.

CORTLAND — For Kayla Barreca and Isabelle Kline, it’s all about getting to the destination.

The two Newton Falls teammates have fun on their car rides to and from practices and meets.

It’s always followed by someone saying, “Pass me the aux cord.” It plugs into their phones and plays music through the car’s sound system.

Barreca, a senior, usually ends up driving. She said Kline has a weird taste in music, sometimes playing songs with explicit lyrics while all the windows are down in a residential area.

Kline said she goes from screamo, to country, to rap and then they go to trendy music. As much as she wants to, sometimes she can’t get away from the beat thumping through the car.

“I’m normally the one driving, so I can’t slink that far,” Barreca said. “I normally roll my window up and hope she rolls her window back up too.”

Kline said don’t let Barreca fool you. She’s into the music, too.

“We blare it. We don’t care,” Kline, a junior, said.

It’s part of who these two are, friends and teammates. They’ve known each other through basketball and volleyball.

Now, they are two of the better Division II shot put throwers in the state.

Thursday, at the Division II district meet at Lakeview, Kline finished first with a personal-best throw of 43 feet, 3 inches. Barreca finished third with her personal best of 39-11. Garfield’s Lauren Jones was second with 41-8.

There was plenty of celebrating between the two with two personal records.

“We’re always jumping up and down when one of us PRs or something like that,” Kline said. “It’s just goes from that.”

Barreca likes to give her teammate a little competition, so it’s not a total runaway.

“Me throwing 39 (at the Trumbull County Meet) threw her off because I’ve been throwing crap the rest of the year,” Barreca said. “I strive to be close to her so I’m not the awkward person throwing 35.”

Practices can be fun, almost as much as the car rides.

They try to do each other’s styles in the throwing ring, which makes for some great hijinks.

“It’s so fun to have her as a teammate,” Barreca said. “She’s a glider and I’m a spinner. Sometimes after practice, after we’ve worked our throws already, she’s like, ‘I’m going to spin.’ I’m like, ‘I’m going to glide.’ We’ll change each others throws. We’ll throw left-handed. We’ll throw boys implements. We just mess around at practice to have as much fun as we can.”

It’s not as fun as a session the two had, along with Kayla’s younger sister, Libby, and senior thrower Ben Simpson, on the way to Austintown Fitch High School.

“(Kayla) texted in group message with me, her and Ben,” Kline said. ” She told me to bring the aux, the aux cord.

“She was looking forward to our jam session. I got in the car. The top was down. I was like, ‘I got the aux.’ I plugged my phone in. We were just jamming.”