Boys basketball team capsules


¯ COACH: Andy Vlajkovich; fifth year, 69-31

¯ LAST YEAR: 23-4, won Division I district title; lost 49-43 to Garfield Heights in regional semifinal

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Red Tier

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Derek Culver, Lynn Bowden, Tiryn Frank, Marlin Richardson, and sophomore Dominic McGhee.

¯ NEWCOMERS: Andrew Ziegler, Mike Hughes, Chris Hughes, Kemon’Dre Muhammad.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Raiders have plenty of talent back from last year, including the 6-foot-10 Culver who is committed to West Virginia. Bowden averaged over 20 points per game in two years at Liberty, then came off the bench for Harding last year after transferring. Expect his output to increase this season. Mike Hughes was Ursuline’s point guard last year and Ziegler moved from North Carolina.


#    NAME    HT    YR

0    Tiryn Frank    5-10    Sr

1    Derek Culver    6-10    Sr

4    Lynn Bowden    6-0    Sr

5    Dominic McGhee    6-0    So

10    Kemon’Dre Muhammad    6-2    So

11    Andrew Ziegler    6-2    Sr

12    Trivell Trimble    5-7    Jr

14    Delshawn Redd    5-8    Jr

22    Lynn Williams    6-2    Sr

23    Chris Hughes    6-0    Jr

24    Marlin Richardson    5-10    Sr

30    Mike Hughes    6-1    Sr

32    Terrion Jackson    6-5    Jr

50    Tyree Marlowe    6-5    Jr


¯ COACH: Mark Komlanc, first year

¯ LAST YEAR: 9-16, lost in district semifinals

¯ LEAGUE: North Coast League White Division

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Antonio McQueen, Justin Bofenkamp, Nate Woods, Jared Misocky, Aaron Williamson, Evan Boyd, and juniors Hyland Burton, Terrance King and Alex Burzynski.

¯ NEWCOMERS: BJ Williams, Byron Taylor.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Eagles return plenty of experience with nine lettermen, have good size and athleticism. They have their top scorers and rebounders back and have added a couple of new players. The league schedule should be as challenging as ever, but will prepare JFK for tournament play.


#    NAME    HT    YR

Justin Bofenkamp    6-2    Sr

Evan Boyd    6-1    Sr

Hyland Burton    6-3    Jr

Alex Burzynski    5-10    Jr

Terrance King    5-9    Jr

Antonio McQueen    6-6    Sr

Jared Misocky    6-3    Sr

Byron Taylor        Jr

BJ Williams        Jr

Aaron Williamson    6-3    Sr

Nate Woods    6-4    Sr


¯ COACH: Dan Bubon; first year.

¯ LAST YEAR: Howland lost to Boardman, 61-48, in a Division I Alliance District sectional game.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Red Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Nate Leventis and Mike Massucci     juniors Connor Tamarkin.

¯ NEWCOMERS: Juniors Samari Dean and Frank Rappach.


#    NAME    HT    YR

3    Frank Rappach    5-7    Jr.

4    Nathan Leventis    5-11    Sr.

10    John Andemasaris    6-2    Sr.

11    Jonah Weisman    5-10    Jr.

12    Michael Massucci    6-0    Sr.

13    Connor Tamarkin    5-11    Jr.

20    Samari Dean    6-0    Jr.

21    Branden Fronzaglio    6-3    Jr.

30    Deon Patterson    5-11    Sr.

31    Alex Sindledecker    6-0    Sr.

32    Nolan Brill    6-1    Jr.

33    Kevin Moamis    6-0    Jr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Tigers will be led by first-year coach Dan Bubon, who will try to lead the Tigers beyond their sectional first-round appearance from a year ago. He’ll inherit just three returning lettermen, including seniors Mike Massucci and Nate Leventis. Massucci averaged 8 points per game last year, while Leventis averaged 7. Joining them is junior Connor Tamarkin, who averaged 9 points per game a year ago. Juniors Samari Dean and Frank Rappach are among the newcomers to watch.


¯ COACH: Ryan Fitch; eighth year.

¯ LAST YEAR: 5-18; lost to Ursuline, 58-25, in a Division II Boardman District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Red Tier Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Jatise Garrison, Jr.*, Chris Muir* and Austin Shortreed; junior TJ Lynch*     sophomore Daniel Evans*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Nevan Martrich; juniors Drew Munno and Preston Sheets; sophomores AJ McClellan, Carter Huff and Jeffrey Remmick.


#    NAME        YR

3    Austin Shortreed        Jr.

4    Jatise Garrison         Sr.

5    TJ Lynch        Sr.

10    Nevan Martrich        Jr.

11    Preston Sheets        Jr.

12    Chris Muir        Sr.

13    Carter Huff        So.

14    Daniel Evans        So.

20    AJ McClellan        So.

21    Jeffrey Remmick        So.

22    Drew Munno        Jr.

23    Danny Brammer        Jr.

25    Andrew Oakes        So.

30    Darion Warner        So.

31    Dawson Brown        So.

32    Clay Lazzari        So.

33    Noah Eddy        So.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Bulldogs had a tough 2015-16 campaign, but they’re looking to bounce back in a big way. Five lettermen, led by a trio of seniors, returns. Chris Muir, a 6-foot-4 guard, averaged 19.9 points per game last year, while Jatise Garrison (a 6-4 forward) 9.9 points, 6.7 boards and 1 block per game. A pair of juniors, Drew Munno (7.8 points) and Preston Sheets, will look to contribute quite a bit in 2016-17.


¯ COACH: James Carrino; second year (16-7).

¯ LAST YEAR: 16-7; lost to Garfield, 71-49, in a Division III Warren Harding District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Red Tier Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Noah Bayus***, Lucas Nasonti***, Michael Turner***, Logan Brown*, Zach Lindsay*, R.J. Smith*; junior Drake Batcho*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Joe Abramovich, Jordan Chaney, Matt Davis, Jared Day, Gabe Deuble, A.J. Meyer.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Flashes return a wealth of experience, which bodes well for second-year coach James Carrino. Carrino led Champion to a 16-7 record last season, and expects this year’s team to compete for a league title. Amongst the seven returning lettermen, six are seniors, including a trio of three-year letterwinners in Michael Turner, Lucas Nasonti and Noah Bayus. Several newcomers are led by A.J. Meyer, Jared Day and Matt Davis.


¯ COACH: Chad Kiser; 11th year.

¯ LAST YEAR: 19-5; lost to Garfield, 75-70, in a Division III Warren Harding District semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Carlton Brown**, Tariq Drake** and Mike Eakins**; juniors Logan Kiser* and Aaron Iler*; sophomore Benton Tennant*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Andrew Hankins     juniors Matt Hankins and Zach Morris; sophomores Walt Allie and Tyler Stephens.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Vikings will return a trio of senior two-year lettemen in Carlton Brown, Tariq Drake and Mike Eakins. They’ll be joined by three other lettermen, which includes juniors Logan Kiser and Aaron Iler, plus, sophomore Benton Tennant. Several newcomers include Walt Allie and Tyler Stephens.


¯ COACH: Roy Sembach; 30th year (400-261).

¯ LAST YEAR: 18-8; lost to Villa Angela-St. Joseph, 58-28, in a Division III Region 9 semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Vince Dragich**, Ben Simpson** and Joey Urso**; sophomore Gage Friend*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Kevin Dunn, Kaden Myers and Evan Purnell; juniors Braden Bungard and Chris Rankin.


#    NAME    HT    YR

1    Hank Thomas    5-4    Jr.

3    Evan Purnell    6-0    Sr.

4    Kevin Dunn    5-11    Sr.

11    Joey Urso    6-0    Sr.

15    Gage Friend    6-8    So.

23    Braden Bungard    5-11    Jr.

24    Adam Honeycutt    6-2    Fr.

33    Kaden Myers    6-3    Sr.

44    Vince Dragich    6-4    Sr.

50    Ben Simpson    6-5    Sr.

54    Chris Rankin    6-4    Jr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The defending Division III Warren Harding District champions return four lettermen, including a trio of seniors. All-Trumbull County and all-Northeast Ohio Inland District honorable mention Ben Simpson averaged 7.8 points and 7.1 boards per game last season. He’ll be joined by fellow seniors Joey Urso and Vince Dragich, plus, sophomore Gage Friend. Several upperclassmen newcomers include senior Evan Purnell and junior Chris Rankin.


¯ COACH: Ron Price; 12th year (145-124).

¯ LAST YEAR: 10-13; lost to West Branch, 94-86 (2 OT), in a Division II Boardman District sectional semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference White Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Senior Tyreece Williams*; sophomores Corbin Foy* and Cyler Kane-Johnson*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Jasson Faison, SaQuan McGuire and Jaylon Sanders; junior Da’Jon Motley; sophomore Donald Daniel.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Red Dragons return just one senior letterwinner in Tyreece Williams, to go along with sophomores Cyler Kane-Johnson and Corbin Foy. Several newcomers include seniors Jasson Faison and SaQuan McGuire, plus, junior Da’Jon Motley.


¯ COACH: Craig Hannon; fifth year (68-27).

¯ LAST YEAR: 14-10 (6-6 in AAC Blue Tier); lost to Canfield, 53-42, in a Division II Boardman District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Anthony Backus*, Julian Berry* and Anthony Graziano*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Anthony Krokowski; junior David Blackmon; sophomores Austin Clausell, Terrance Davis, Austin O’Hara and Mark Waid.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Indians will have a mix of veteran and younger players for Craig Hannon’s squad this season. Three lettermen, all of which are seniors, return. Anthony Graziano, who averaged 14 points and 3.2 rebounds per game, leads the way. Graziano, a second team all-AAC selection a year ago, will be joined by fellow seniors Julian Berry (6.0 points & 4.6 rebounds) and Anthony Backus (3.2 points and 1.6 assists). Several sophomore newcomers include Austin Clausell and Mark Waid.


¯ COACH: Chris Kohl; first year (29 previous years of coaching experience with a 75-80 overall record).

¯ LAST YEAR: 4-19; lost to Garfield, 58-50, in a Division III Warren Harding District sectional semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Andre Bowers** and Dan Banks*; juniors Dra Rushton** and Quaishon Campbell*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Austin Allison     juniors Kevin Code, Derek Gilcher, Josh Green, Kevin Hawn, Shonterry Haydu, Capone Haywood, Michael Kornagay, Tim Psiano and David Sewell     sophomore Travis Meyers.


#    NAME        YR

Austin Allison        Sr.

Dan Banks        Sr.

Andre Bowers        Sr.

Quaishon Campbell        Jr.

Kevin Code        Jr.

Derek Gilcher        Jr.

Josh Green        Jr.

Kevin Hawn        Jr.

Shonterry Haydu        Jr.

Capone Haywood        Jr.

Mike Kornagay        Jr.

Tim Psiano        Jr.

Dra Rushton        Jr.

David Sewell        Jr.

Ezzell Brown        So.

Anthony DeFrance        So.

Mike Everly        So.

Spencer Hickson        So.

Isaac Hinds        So.

Jalen McKinney        So.

Travis Myers        So.

Marquan Tate        So.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Leopards return just four lettermen from last year’s team, but inherit an experienced coach in Chris Kohl. In 29 years of coaching, Kohl is 75-80. He’ll inherit two senior lettermen in Dan Banks (6-foot-3) and Andre Bowers (6-1), plus, juniors Quaishon Campbell and Dra Rushton (both 6-0). Several juniors are expected to contribute off the bench, including Capone Haywood, Kevin Code and Derek Gilcher.


¯ COACH: Justin Townsend; second year (5-18).

¯ LAST YEAR: 5-18; lost to Ursuline, 74-42, in Division II Boardman District sectional semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference White Tier Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Dillon O’Hara** and Travis Kopanic*     juniors Nick Ferrara*, Bashar Rasoul* and Jared Southern*; sophomore Davion Daniels*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Kent Kroyanovich; sophomore Shannon Slovesko.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: Hubbard will have a challenging start to the season, as seven of its first nine games are on the road. Six lettermen return, led by sophomore Davion Daniels, a second team All-American Conference performer, and the team’s leader in points and steals last year. Junior Jared Southern, the team’s leading rebounder, also returns. Senior Kent Kroyanovich and sophomore Shannon Slovesko will look to make an immediate impact.


¯ COACH: Mark Mollohan; third year (30-15).

¯ LAST YEAR: 16-6; lost to Cornerstone Christian, 76-28, in a Division IV Grand Valley District semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stars Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Senior Kenny Wallace**; juniors Tyler Koeppen* and Sean McDivitt*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Jordan Brown, Ian Degaten and Jordan Hefner; junior Tanner Hunt; sophomores Zak Arnio, Luke Culp and Andy Miller.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Mustangs return just three lettermen from last year’s district semifinal team. Just one senior, Kenny Wallace, is a returning letterman. He’ll be joined by juniors Sean McDivitt and Tyler Koeppen. Three seniors, Ian Degaten, Jordan Hefner and Jordan Brown will all look to contribute this winter.


¯ COACH: Craig Giesy, sixth year (93-26).

¯ LAST YEAR: 23-3 (14-0); won Northeastern Athletic Conference championship and lost to Cornerstone Christian, 68-50, in Division IV Grand Valley District championship game.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stripes Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Phil Aliberti** and Stevie Burbach*; juniors Tommy Donadio**, Bryan Gabrielson** and Landon Slusher**

¯ NEWCOMERS: Sophomores Damian Durst and Gage Elza; freshman Matt Church.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: Bristol returns a wealth of experience from last year’s NAC championship-winning and district title game-appearing team. Five lettermen return, led by a pair of senior letterwinners, Stevie Burbach and Phil Aliberti. Aliberti led the team in steals each of the last two years, including 2.5 per game a year ago. Junior Tommy Donadio, meanwhile, averaged 11.8 points per game as a sophomore. A 6-foot-2 freshman in Matt Church is amongst the newcomers looking to contribute to the Panthers’ success this season.


¯ COACH: Robert Linger; third year.

¯ LAST YEAR: Lost to Cornerstone Christian, 119-27, in a Division IV Grand Valley District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stripes Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Brandon Neccessary*** and Isaiah Martin**; junior Cameron Parke**; sophomores Nathan Watson* and Kyle Zahuranec*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Freshman Richie Sulak.


#    NAME    HT    YR

Brandon Neccessary        Sr.

Colton Mays        Sr.

Kyle Zuharanec        So.

Nathan Watson        So.

Cameron Parke        Jr.

Isaiah Martin        Sr.

Forrest Sokolowski        So.

Richie Sulak        Fr.

Robert Coblentz        Sr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Cardinals return five lettermen from last season, led by seniors Brandon Neccessary and Isaiah Martin. Neccessary is a three-year letterwinner, while Martin is a two-year letterman. Junior Cameron Parke and sophomores Nathan Watson and Kyle Zahuranec round out the group. Freshman Richie Sulak should contribute quite a bit this season.


¯ COACH: Michael Karr, 15th year (179-132).

¯ LAST YEAR: 13-10; lost to Kennedy, 68-48, in a Division IV Grand Valley District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stripes Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Senior Justin Sherwood**

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Tylar Caracunas and Jeff Greathouse; sophomores Kyle Caracunas and Dakota Whitt.


#    NAME    HT    YR

Jeff Greathouse        Sr.

Justin Sherwood        Sr.

Tyler Caracunas        Sr.

Marcus Smith        Jr.

Austin Smith        Jr.

Jake Bee        Jr.

Dakota Whitt        So.

Justice Hogenmhrus        So.

Trystan Mollohan        So.

Dylan Dye        So.

Kyle Caracunas        So.

Joey McCafferty        So.

Justin Gaskill        So.

Adian Ricks        Fr.

Lucas Wilson        Fr.

Logan Reagal        Fr.

Lukas Rhodes        Fr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Wildcats will have their work cut out for them this season, as they lose four seniors and return just one letterwinner. Senior Justin Sherwood, a two-year letterman, started eight games as a junior. Four newcomers include seniors Tylar Caracunas and Jeff Greathouse, plus, sophomores Kyle Caracunas and Dakota Whitt.


¯ COACH: Jeff Rasile, 16th year (304-78).

¯ LAST YEAR: 23-4; lost in Division IV regional semifinal to Lutheran East, 63-48.

¯ LEAGUE: Inter-Tri County League Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Evan Magill**, Dylan Portolese*, Joey Raggazzine*; junior Breadon Poole*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Caleb Emerson; juniors Matthew Beedle and Riko Rodriguez; sophomore Josh Celli; freshman Zach Rasile.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: Veteran coach Jeff Rasile believes his team has a shot at replicating last season’s success, when the Blue Devils were Inter Tri-County League (ITCL) and Division IV Struthers District champions. This year’s team will return four key players from last year’s district title team, including seniors Evan Magill, Dylan Portolese and Joey Raggazzine. Junior Braedon Poole, meanwhile, is the lone returning non-senior letterman. Also look for contributions from senior Caleb Emerson and junior Matthew Beedle.


¯ COACH: Steven Hughes; first year.

¯ LAST YEAR: 13-11; lost to LaBrae, 64-59, in a Division III Warren Harding District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Inter-Tri County League Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Christian Dirando** and Jordan Zupko*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Robby Ambrose, Daniel Breedlove, Justin Cox and Logan Wait; junior Jarred Miller; sophomores Dante Fellows and Donavan Stull; freshman Koby Zupko.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Rams return just two lettermen in Christian Dirando (two letters) and Jordan Zupko (one letter). They’ll have a first-year coach in Steven Hughes, who will have to coach up several inexperienced players. However, five upperclassmen, including senior Justin Cox and junior Jarred Miller, should help the transition along.


¯ COACH: Stephen Procopio; fifth year.

¯ LAST YEAR: 0-23.

¯ LEAGUE: Inter-Tri County League Blue Tier.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Braden Nagy***, Austin Christopher**, Noah Laster**, Clayton Maskarinec**, Eric Ostrowski** and Johnathon Voland**; juniors Guy Costello* and Mikey Zayvas*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Junior Zach Lane; sophomores Paul Bortz and Dave Vega.


#    NAME    HT    YR

Eric Ostrowski    6-1    Sr.

Austin Christopher    6-2    Sr.

Johnathon Voland    5-11    Sr.

Clayton Masharinec    6-4    Sr.

Noah Laster    6-3    Sr.

Braden Nagy    5-8    Sr.

Guy Costello    6-1    Jr.

Mikey Zayvas    5-11    Jr.

Zach Lane    5-11    Jr.

Dave Vega    5-10    So.

Paul Bortz    6-4    So.

Joey Williams    5-11    Fr.

Robbie Butler    5-9    Fr.

Zack Kalir    5-7    Fr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Blue Jays look to rebound from a rough 2015-16 campaign, and they’ll have plenty of ammunition to do so. Eight lettermen return, led by senior Braden Nagy. Nagy, a three-year letterwinner, will be joined by five other seniors, all with two letters. Three newcomers will look to step up right away, including junior Zach Lane.


¯ COACH: Brian Beany; fith year (69-41).

¯ LAST YEAR: 17-7; lost to Louisville, 79-41, in a Division I Alliance District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: All-American Conference Red Tier Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Juniors Jakari Lumsden* and Randy Smith*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Zac Bruff, Larry Harrington, Brandon Jackson and Ryan Sheffield; juniors Blake Baker, Dylan Beany, Cole Constance, Emanuel Dawkins, Tyler James, Kole Klassic.


#    NAME    HT    YR

0    Randy Smith    5-6    Jr.

1    Zac Bruff    5-6    Sr.

2    Jakari Lumsden    6-2    Jr.

3    Blake Baker    5-5    Jr.

5    Cole Constance    6-2    Jr.

10    Tyler James    6-2    Jr.

11    Emanuel Dawkins    5-6    Jr.

13    Ryan Sheffield    6-2    Sr.

14    Kole Klasic    5-6    Jr.

21    Dylan Beany    6-1    Jr.

23    Larry Harrington    6-1    Sr.

50    Brandon Jackson    6-5    Sr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: Fitch returns just two lettermen, a pair of juniors, from last year’s 17-7 squad. Randy Smith and Jakari Lumsden will lead an inexperienced Falcon group, which includes 10 newcomers, all of which are upperclassmen. Leading the way are four seniors, including Zac Bruff.


¯ COACH: Carey Palermo; first year.

¯ LAST YEAR: 13-10; lost to Salem, 67-57, in a Division II Boardman District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Independent.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Pat Pelini** and Pat Brennan*; junior Vinny Gentile*; sophomore Pete Haas*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Luke Pecchia, Jay Raymer and Alex Wollet; juniors Jacob Simon, Jordan Standford and Zion Willis; sophomores Terrell Brown, Anthony Fire, Luke Fulton, Chris Gruber and Mark Phillips.


#    NAME    HT    YR

0    Terrell Brown    6-0    So.

1    Chris Gruber    5-7    So.

3    Alex Wollet    5-9    So.

4    Jay Raymer    5-10    Sr.

5    Peter Haas    6-1    So.

10    Pat Pelini    6-0    Sr.

11    Anthony Fire    6-2    So.

12    John Mikos    6-0    So.

14    Pat Brennan    6-2    Sr.

15    Luke Felton    6-2    So.

22    Jacob Simon    5-10    Jr.

32    Cherrif Jameson    6-2    So.

34    Vinny Gentile    6-2    Jr.

35    Jordan Standford    6-4    Jr.

44    Luke Pecchia    6-1    Sr.

Jazaun Cross    5-10    Sr.

Mark Phillips    6-0    So.

John Murphy    5-9    So.

Matt Brennan    5-10    Fr

Sonny Rodriguez    5-9    Fr

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: First-year coach Carey Palermo inherits a Cardinals team that went 13-10 a year ago. Four lettermen return, but only two of them are upperclassmen. This includes seniors Pat Pellini and Pat Brennan. The others are both sophomores, in Pete Haas and Vinny Gentile. Mooney expects several other sophomores to contribute, such as Terrell Brown and Anthony Fire.


¯ COACH: Patsy Daltorio; fourth year (34-37).

¯ LAST YEAR: 8-15 (2-10 in ITCL Blue Division); lost to Sebring, 49-46, in a Division IV Struthers District sectional semifinal.

¯ LEAGUE: Inter-Tri County League Blue Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Cody Hilles and Wyatt Larimer; juniors Jack Cappabianca, Ryan Demsky, Cole DeZee, Kade Hilles and Dom Velasquez.

¯ NEWCOMERS: Junior Nic Corbett; sophomores Riley Miller and Caleb Quinn.


#    NAME    HT    YR

1    Wyatt Larimer    6-3    Sr.

2    Dom Velasquez    6-0    Jr.

4    Nic Corbett    5-10    Jr.

5    Marcos Cruz    5-9    Jr.

10    Ryan Demsky    5-9    Jr.

11    Caleb Quinn    6-5    So

12    Riley Miller    5-8    So

23    Cole DeZee    5-10    Jr.

24    Kade Hilles    6-4    Jr.

32    Cody Hilles    6-3    Sr.

34    Jack Cappabianca    6-3    Jr.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Blue Devils return seven lettermen, including seniors Cody Hilles and Wyatt Larimer. Hilles averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds per game and was a second team all-ITCL selection, while Larimer did not play due to injury, making him a welcome return. They’ll be joined by several juniors, including Kade Hilles (8 points, 6 rebounds) and Jack Cappabianca (7 points, 8 rebounds). Newcomers include junior Nic Corbett and sophomores Riley Miller and Caleb Quinn.


¯ COACH: Marty Hill; 41st year (616-328).

¯ LAST YEAR: 7-16; lost to Bristol, 73-58, in a Division IV Grand Valley District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stars Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Junior Eric Park**; sophomore Phillip Maiorca*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Ben Knight     juniors Justin Collins, Sam Speicher and Terrance Woods; sophomores Tyler Collins and Bailey Rutherford; freshmen Blaze Angle and Mason Angle.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Bombers return just two lettermen in Marty Hill’s 41st campaign as Bomber head coach. Junior Eric Park, a two-year letterwinner, joins sophomore Phillip Maiorca. Several newcomers include freshmen Blaze and Mason Angle.


¯ COACH: Justin Turk; second year (13-11).

¯ LAST YEAR: 13-11; lost to Berkshire, 61-49, in a Division III Warren Harding District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stars Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Gabe Arsulic**, Tyler Butler* and Cody Osburn*; junior Michael McGovern**

¯ NEWCOMERS: Seniors Robert Haisleh and Lukas Quadros; juniors Jude Cunningham and Jerome Evans     freshman Gordon Seger.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: Second-year coach Justin Turk returns four lettermen from last year’s sectional championship team. Gabe Arsulic and junior Michael McGovern are both two-year lettermen. Two more seniors, Jude Cunningham and Robert Haisleh, will look to contribute this year.


¯ COACH: Ryan Shontz, third year (37-31).

¯ LAST YEAR: 14-9 (11-4 in Northeastern Athletic Conference); lost to Newton Falls, 71-56, in a Division III Warren Harding District sectional final.

¯ LEAGUE: Northeastern Athletic Conference Stars Division.

¯ RETURNING LETTERMEN: Seniors Morgan Babic** and Isaac Orahood**; Juniors Jared Freeman* and David Riley*

¯ NEWCOMERS: Senior Scott Hogan; juniors Austin Gruskiewicz, Trent Panak and Noah Silvers; sophomores Austin Roberts, Nick Sapp and Jacob Saxion.


#    NAME    HT    YR

00    David Riley    Jr.

1    Austin Gruskeiwicz    Jr.

1    Cole McCurdy    Fr.

3    Logan Drnek    So.

3    Jacob Saxion    So.

4    Noah Wilkerson    Fr.

5    Scott Hogan    Sr.

5    Tyler Campbell    Fr.

12    Noah Silvers    Jr.

12    Scott Pezzano    Fr.

13    Nick Sapp    So.

21    Jared Freeman    Jr.

21    Stuart Struna    Fr.

23    Austin Roberts    So.

24    Isaac Orahood    Sr.

24    Kyler Smith    Fr.

25    Trenton Panak    Jr.

25    Jake Coles    Fr.

31    Morgan Babic    Sr.

32    Tim Siembor    Jr.

33    Matt Heym    Jr.

34    Logan Giddings    Fr.

Cole Owen    So.

¯ SEASON OUTLOOK: The Lakers return four lettermen and could potential see 10 or more players contributing this season. Seniors Morgan Babic (forward) and Isaac Orahood (guard/forward) have two varsity letters, while juniors Jared Freeman (guard/forward) and David Riley (forward) each have one. A trio of sophomores in Jacob Saxion, Nick Sapp and Austin Roberts will be amongst the group of players looking to contribute to a squad that Laker coach Ryan Shontz beleives will continue its upward trend in wins.