Olesky leads Eagles more than on the field

YOUNGSTOWN – Youngstown Christian football coach Brian Marrow needed a leader.

He didn’t have to go any further than senior lineman Steve Olesky.

He is being counted upon to anchor the offensive line.

“I tell them we don’t do anything without them. As they go, that’s how the team goes,” Marrow said.

Olesky said his fundamentals play a big part in his individual success.

“Really it’s executing the game plan and staying sound to your fundamentals and technique, staying low, driving the arm, make sure the legs are pumping. Really that’s all there is to it,” said the senior center.

But the onus doesn’t solely rely upon Olesky. His other brethren around him have to take personal responsibility as well.

“The old saying is everything starts on the line. I think, especially in the game plan we try to execute it. It really does. They play in a key factor into it,” he said. “If one guy messes up on the line, the whole play could be blown. Everybody has to be poetry in motion, working together and making sure they execute well.”

Marrow said Olesky is like a coach on the field, which helps his knowledge of the game. You’ll never see an air of confusion surrounding the Youngstown Christian senior.

“I always say if you’re unsure what you’re doing, it slows you down. He knows what he’s doing. He makes the correct calls. He just gets after it,” Marrow said.

The Eagles coach added Olesky is following the mantra of his school. Marrow said he’s trying to mold Olesky and those players around him not only into great football players, but more importantly, great students and role models in their community – in high school and beyond.

“I want guys to be great husbands, great fathers, productive citizens, out here going to school, being a great Christian. I think Steve, he fits the mold in all those,” Marrow said.