Milligan plays many roles for Canfield

CANFIELD – If Matt Milligan played for the Canfield Cardinals baseball team, you can bet he’d be a utility player.

As a member of the Cardinals football team, he fits into the same mold, but feels at home at either wide receiver or cornerback.

“We can put Matt Milligan anywhere on the field and feel comfortable with it. We’re going to trust what he’s going to do,” Canfield coach Mike Pavlansky said.

There’s not many positions where Milligan feels uncomfortable, that would be including going into a relief position.

Considering the amount of injuries Canfield suffered in 2013, it was no wonder Milligan got his named called quite often.

“We saw growth from him last year,” Pavlansky said. “As a junior, we went through a number of injuries to where he was a backup player for us. He was thrown in to the fire early on and got a lot of experience as the year went along and he’s ended up being one of our better skill kids.”

But don’t think Milligan wants the glory for a hard hit on defense or big catch on offense. He’d rather just see his teammates get the glory as a group.

“I like to think of myself as a team player, not as an individual player. I always like to do what’s best for the team,” Milligan said.

Still Milligan can expect to get some touches from whomever is the quarterback this year. Canfield is getting away from its run-based offense this season and plans to air it out.

“With the wide receiver comes a lot of blocking and we work on that a lot. We’re trying to pass a lot more this year,” Milligan said. “We’re more of skill set offense.”

As for Pavlansky, he wants nothing more than his senior to succeed on the field.

“The way he’s improved in his technique, ability to be coachable, hopefully he has the kid of season that he deserves,” Pavlansky said.