Badger’s three of a kind run for Braves

McDONALD – Ty Reeher’s dark, feathery hair stands up and floats back and forth on his head – his head that is shaved on the sides.

“I always wanted this kind of hair,” Reeher said.

His cross country coach Kurt Ward, who also teaches at Badger High School, looked up Tuesday morning at school, shook his head when he saw his sophomore runner’s new hairdo.

“He’s a fun kid. He likes to make a statement,” Ward said.

This season, Ty and his junior brothers, Owen and Cody, plan to help the Braves make their presence known as well.

They said they want to get past the Division III district at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds and advance to regionals, and possibly beyond.

Badger has 13 runners and around seven on the junior high team.

“I think we have a good top seven and the rest of them are getting better every day, working hard,” Cody said.

The Braves’ hopes rest upon its top three runners – Owen, Ty and Cody. Cody is the oldest, 3 minutes older than his twin brother Owen. Both are 17 years old. Ty is a year younger.

All three live within a mile of Badger High School in Vernon Township, so getting in that extra mile of a workout is always a possiblity.

“They’re that sort of unique blend of talent and work ethic you don’t see very often,” Ward said. “Often times you get kids that are very talented, but they’re not willing to put the work in, or the kids that are willing to put the work in aren’t necessisarily talented as some of the others. These guys are the blend of the two. Then, to have a whole family on top of that is pretty special.”

Owen has been in the discussion with other top runners in the area like Mineral Ridge’s Logan Smith, and Maplewood’s Tristan Dahmen and Derek Morrison.

Owen ran 17:10.82 at the Boardman regional last year, but came up four places short of state – someplace he wants to get this season.

“It’s an honor because all of those guys are all incredible runners,” he said. “They’re state qualifiers. They make me want to qualify for state and catch them.”

Tuesday, at a Suburban League meet at Woodland Park in McDonald, the three brothers finished in the top 15. Owen was third (18:37), Ty placed ninth (19:19) and Cody took 14th (19:57).

“They got me today. Hopefully I’ll get them next time,” Cody said.

The three brothers are very competitive on and off the course. They have a common goal of getting Badger past districts and beyond.

Now, as for Ty’s taste in hairstyles, that’s another thing. His brothers prefer their buzzcuts to something radical.

“It’s a little crazy. It’s something I wouldn’t pick,” Owen said.