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396 days ago.
by Goneforgood

Offbeat Topic - Favorite Beer

Wanted to open a topic that in no way, get political, lol. Whats' your favorite go-to beer and/or favorite specality (seasonal/ micro brewed) beer? I generally have Sam Adams on the ready in the fridge but during the holiday's I'll make the 6 hour drive to the Giant Eagle on Elm Road and buy out the entire store of Great Lakes Christmas Ale (like I did last year). btw- entire store is 6 6-packs.


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Free Beer.

Posted 396 days ago.

I just like the plain beer, nothing fancey. Like Bud or even a miller.

Posted 426 days ago.


i had beer at bw3 it was made locally in youngstown it was good

Posted 471 days ago.

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