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880 days ago.
by antdeb

So word is out about North Road School...

So word on the street is the Howlandale Heights School Board is finally gonna come clean about closing a school. Instead of demonstrating good financial stewardship, they will likely blame the voters for failing to pass the levy and preach a sermon of doom and gloom. Monday's school board meeting should be very interesting.


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Reallytiredofit/Donald A. lives in Southington he has no business in Howland. He just likes to blab his perverted mouth. He threatened to stalk my underage child who attends a school in Howland. This perv threatened to "get a list of names of all children attending Howland Schools" wonder if the pervert got that list yet?? Kinda doubt it since the authorities have been notified that a pervert from Southington named Donald A. has threatened my child and they assured me that they don't just hand out student names.

Posted 880 days ago.


Such love on these comment sections. No wonder they shut it down after articles. Merry Christmas.

Posted 889 days ago.

Hmmm..I thought I read on here that Daniel was a moron..guess that is TRUE!!!

Posted 890 days ago.


Of course Sheets will blame the voters. I can't believe the Howland school board actually extended his contract. They need to get rid of him and get someone who knows the job and can speak in full sentences.

Posted 891 days ago.


Education is the word of the day. Test scores are coming out. Howland 3rd graders did above 50% reading proficiency and were closing a school!

Posted 892 days ago.


Realytiredofit what does it concern you stay on subject this form is about how land's school board meeting.

Posted 892 days ago.


I feel really bad for those 3rd graders in Southington. Tribune article on reading proficiency shows fewer than 50% are proficient in reading.

Posted 892 days ago.

I thought I read places on here where antdeb was anti socialist? Why would she support child education? Confused....

Posted 892 days ago.


Woah, antdeb, won't like this much. She worked so hard trying to get the Howland levy passed.

Posted 892 days ago.

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