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1026 days ago.
by LilPookie

Niles Municipal Court

So, the last I checked, as a judge in the judicial system of The United States of America, you are obligated by the oaths that you have taken and this little thing called, The Constitution, to make rulings based on the law and not your own personal biases. Apparently "The Honorable" Judge Thomas W. Townley didn't get that memo. You want to deny a motion, how about a legal explanation for it, especially when it meets almost every single criteria listed in the law books! But, then again, it is Niles, so what else would you expect but a prejudice man who could care less about what the law and the evidence shows who instead makes rulings based on preconceived notions and racism. As a woman who so badly wanted to be good enough for her dad to want to be around, it's so heart breaking to see that in 2013 a man who loves his child more than life itself has NO chance against a vindictive, lying woman who plays the victim to a male judge all too willing to believe her blatant lies.


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Maybe you need to stay out of Court rooms timeflies. You sound proud to have spent so much time getting sentenced by Gysegym, can't be much more stupidity in a human being than that. Or to know more about the inner working of his Court and thought process than how to avoid it altogether. You're a true bastion of wisdom!

Posted 1026 days ago.


"The problem is that all judges are attorneys. Have you ever seen a smart one? "

Posted by an uneducated illiterate.

Posted 1070 days ago.


Disagree on Gysegem. Everytime I have seen him in court more than fair. Always goes along with the agreements between the attorney and the prosecuter. Not judges job to present evidence only to rule on it. Keep him in get rid of the other one hes a hot head.

Posted 1080 days ago.


BTW the judge said it was okay to have 12 people living in a two bedroom home

Posted 1124 days ago.


Family court judges are the worst. I have seen a mom who is pregnant for her 8th time still have shared custody of her kids. She lives in a two bedroom house and has hit her kids in the face the house is nasty and the kids have written letters under their own free will saying they don't want to be with her. The judge told the dad and mom that the reason that the kids don't want to be there is because they fight and sent them to parenting classes. I am a woman and I can say there are guys who are better than the mothers.

Posted 1124 days ago.

The problem is that all judges are attorneys. Have you ever seen a smart one? Ever see one that had a lick of common sense? They are all a bunch of dumb crooks.

Posted 1124 days ago.


Judge Gysegem is worse, he let's the Prosecutor make judgments for him. He won't examine cases for mitigating circumstances on his own. We must vote him out!

Posted 1125 days ago.

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