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895 days ago.
by coaldigger

Unions Now Fighting Against Obamacare

*******w w w.forbes.kom/sites/theapothecary/2013/07/15/labor-leaders-obamacare-will-shatter-their-health-benefits-cause-nightmare-scenarios/ So, now big labor who worked so hard to get Democrats in office for universal healthcare to become the law of the land are now concerned about what will happen to their "Cadillac" healthcare plans. I guess that's what happens when you support legislation that no one has read based solely on the fact that it is the political party that you have sold out to who wants it passed.


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Sorry but Bill Clinton has all the support he needed even though he pushed for NAFTA. Unions still love OBAMA and something will be worked out . after all OBAMA and Obamacare have 3 years left to come together..

Posted 895 days ago.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA posted by "realytieredofit" at 03:30 in the morning. Bluesy must have been up counting his money, or preparing for another worldwide business trip. Poor man wishes with all his heart that he could be me. Sorry won't work, GET A LIFE.

Posted 895 days ago.


Coaldigger. One thing unions and I have in common is a dislike for Obsmacare!

Posted 895 days ago.


Billdog read the Name or spell it.

Posted 895 days ago.


realytiredofit, do you really expect people to believe you are or were ever in a union official position? With all of your GOP rhetoric the past few years? Even my barn cat knows better than that.

Posted 897 days ago.


As former shop chairman, we are lobbying hard for exemptions from Obamacare. If we lose healthcare at collective bargaining table we really don't have many chips left. On top of that we contribute next to nothing for our plans, Obamacare will cause our costs to soar.

Posted 903 days ago.


Daniel= BS

Posted 905 days ago.


" My premiums stayed the same and benefits went up."

Because you live on welfare, jackazz.

Posted 946 days ago.

I'm Union. And guess what? My premiums stayed the same and benefits went up. This is the first since 1996.

You should have seen our benefits managers head explode when, who is a big Republican, can't stand Obama and dropped f bombs that could be heard all over the offices when the supreme court upheld Obama-care. When I asked why all this extra medical benefits and that the price stayed the same he replied with a red face, "Its because of the Affordable Healthcare act" LOL! he could not even call it Obama-care anymore! Priceless!

Posted 1028 days ago.


Nothing from our stalwart union member?

Posted 1028 days ago.

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