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1306 days ago.
by clemmens14

Drill For Cheaper Gas

People it's time for the US to drill our oil supply for cheaper gas prices in 2013, less dependence from the Middle East. Sign the petition: Drill for Oil Now at petitiononline****, let's make it happen!


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Our oil isn't just bubbling to the surface, so to speak, like middle east oil. To get our oil it is a more expensive operation. Because of this, it would be more expensive to seperate the oil from shale here, than buying off of the middle east. Therefore, if we relied on domestic oil we would actually pay more at the pump.

In the end, even that will not matter. We, as a country, owe more in debt than actual money exists on the planet to pay for it. What that means is, we can never pay back our debts. So, have 2 choices. Default and go through some sort of structured global bankruptcy, which would increase the price of gas. Or, do what we are doing and just continue to inflate the currency by electronic manipulation of it, which, if you haven't been noticing, raises gas prices.

Posted 1306 days ago.

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