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993 days ago.
by Igot2cents
what happened to article comments?

Posts: 74 - we can't comment on articles anymore? probably a good thing, because most of you are really dumb. lol for real though. you enjoy the perceived anonymity of messageboards...

1003 days ago.
by antdeb
So word is out about North Road School...

Posts: 9 - So word on the street is the Howlandale Heights School Board is finally gonna come clean about closing a school.

1003 days ago.
by antdeb
Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat

Posts: 17 - "Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor according to new gallup poll by Jeffrey M.

1003 days ago.
by antdeb
Duck Dynasty

Posts: 33 - Okay, I admit that my kids have gotten me hooked on the show "Duck Dynasty". The Robertsons seem to be a pretty messed up family that loves each other and their antics are pretty funny.

1003 days ago.
by antdeb
Republicans, Stop The Hate for Christmas.

Posts: 42 - At Least for the Christmas season could you Republicans who claim to be Christians live up to being Christians and stop the hate? Stop being greedy? Remember that you will be celebrating the Birth...

1003 days ago.
by antdeb
Ohio leads the nation in job lose.

Posts: 34 - Why is every republican ran state lead the nation in unemployment, jobseekers, poverty, homelessness, crime, starvation etc. Tell me again why I should listen to you and vote republican?

Repair Broken Eyeglasses at Low Prices

Posts: 0 - Repair broken eyeglass metal, plastic frames from Eyeglassdirect****. Call 1-866-536-7790 and order broken sunglass repair, broken eyeglass repair, scratch removals and lens replacement.

1012 days ago.
by AtonallyStrummed
Welfare Recipients

Posts: 5 - Doris A. Garrett, Gainesville, Fla. wrote a rant in our opinion section last Sunday in the Trib. At first I wondered what this woman from Gainesville was even writing to our little rag for.

1012 days ago.
by Billdog
Drama in "Letters to the Editor"

Posts: 15 - Can the authors of our letters to the editor please stick to facts rather than dramatic political talking points? Seriously, "Obamacare is Slavery" and "Limbaugh Needs to Read the...

Dave Grohl

Posts: 0 - The Trib seems to like the phrase, "Warren native Dave Grohl." The reality is Dave Grohl is no Warren Native.

1019 days ago.
by msmith82
jodi airas trial

Posts: 18 - so what does everyone think of the jod airas case

Sports Coverage

Posts: 0 - Saturday, 19 Oct, front page top story: Hubbard High football. Sports page top story: Hubbard High football. Cardinals win NL pennant (biggest news in MLB, by the way).

1160 days ago.
by Goneforgood
Offbeat Topic - Favorite Beer

Posts: 3 - Wanted to open a topic that in no way, get political, lol.

1196 days ago.
by msmith82
dance studios in trumbull county ohio

Posts: 1 - Hi I am a mom of a 4 year old girl.

1285 days ago.
by ifudontknowujustdontknow
Rudest Commenter...

Posts: 1 - Who is the rudest person on the Tribune comment forums? lol (-:

Looking for opinions from other moms

Posts: 0 - I am not sure if this is where you should post.

1479 days ago.
by Ajcoop2011
Warren Water Department, Shame on You

Posts: 0 - 50+hrs ago @ our multi-apt house the H2O shut off. The landlord called & was told that a water main busted & it was being taken care of. A lie.

1584 days ago.
by FirstSgtJoe
Gun Show and Traders Day notice

Posts: 0 - Hubbard Conservation Club,1760 Wick-Campbell Road, is having its annual Gun Show and Traders Day starting 9AM, Saturday June 2nd, and continuing 10AM, Sunday June 3rd.

1584 days ago.
by FirstSgtJoe
Gun enthusiasts and NRA programs

Posts: 0 - NRA volunteer recuiter Joe Burkey set up a "Join the NRA" display offering special McMenamy's Bike Nite membership discounts this past Thursday evening, signing up several new members at...

1585 days ago.
by Daniel
local news??

Posts: 0 - this paper is ridiculous! why doesn't anyone report on local news? billy lyell, a local fighter, had a fight last night (january 29) and it wasn't even reported in this paper! nothing before or...